What do stars foretell for Rupee and Banking

A continuous pressure on Financial Industry and a volatile and weak Rupee against Dollar has forced us to study deeply the reasons behind that. With the solid base of astrology study and effects of various planets, due to their placements in transits, we tried our best to come out with a short research report about the probable reason behind the volatile and weak Rupee and what and how Rupee and Banking Industry will
perform in future.

Planet Jupiter is the main Karak (Significator) of Finance and all Finance related activities. Jupiter entered the Leo rashi, in transit, on 14th August 2015. On Leo rashi and Jupiter, Saturn has its tenth aspect from the scorpion rashi, where it is at present in transit since November 2014. The aspect of Saturn on Jupiter and fifth house has caused an atmosphere of uneasiness, uncertainty and volatility with respect to all Industries supported by Jupiter and prominent one is Finance. Due to this transitory placement of Jupiter in Leo with direct aspect of Saturn on it has started causing tremors in Financial Industry including Banking, and that we are witnessing continuously since August 2015.
And the same has also caused the steady downfall of Rupee against Dollar and other currencies. But that is not the only reason.

Rahu has entered in to Leo rashi, in transit, on 30th January 2016 and conjoined together with Jupiter forming very bad yoga which directly affects Finance Industry and the National currency Rupee. And on this conjunction, a direct aspect of Saturn, in transit from scorpion rashi, is adding fuel to fire. And due to this, we have seen the very sharp down moves in Banking Industry too, together with sharp down moves in Rupee against dollar after 30th January 2016. This Rahu and Jupiter conjunction, in transit, in Leo rashi will remain till 12th August 2016 and Saturn will continue to have its aspect on that. So, there will not be any respite to Finance industry specifically Banking and Rupee at least till 12th August 2016.

Jupiter will enter in the sixth house of natural horoscope, in transit, in Virgo rashi from 12th August 2016 and will remain in that rashi till 11th September 2017. The sixth house is not considered a good house and Virgo rashi is owned by planet Mercury who is a strong enemy of planet Jupiter making it weak in strength, so reduced power of Jupiter fails to support the Finance industry and Rupee again in this period. The debilitated aspect of Jupiter on the house of business and profession will further reduce the capacity of Finance industry and strength of Rupee in this period of transit too. After last week of January 2017, Saturn will enter in to Sagittarius rashi in transit and will have its full aspect on Jupiter placed in sixth house. This placement in transit will again start causing weakness and volatility in Finance industry and Rupee.

Based on our these findings, we believe that, Finance Industry, specifically Banking and Rupee will remain weak and subdued, with very heavy rounds of volatility till 11th September 2017 and very high chances are there of Rupee hitting new lows, much lower than the previous lows, against Dollar in this period.

-Rajkishore Bang
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