ADCOM clears its stand on Freedom 251

Sanjeev Bhatia, Founder & Chairman, Advantage Computers (ADCOM) commented - "Touted to be the biggest scam of the millennium, Freedom 251, had recently announced that it would give out 25 lakh handsets in the first phase before June this year. Ensued by such unrealistic price rates and naïve pronouncements, the parent company ‘Ringing Bells’ was not only accused of running a disgraceful ploy, but has also relabeled our brand ADCOM. To clear the
air around, I would like to underline few facts pertaining to case, as this scam exhibits the potential of maligning our brand name ADCOM which is our trademark since 2001.  Yes , it is true that, although we sold the handsets to ‘Ringing Bells’ earlier, like we sell ADCOM mobiles to lacs of users; we were absolutely unaware of the reselling plans of the company in question. Furthermore, we still haven’t been able to evaluate their pricing policy, as we sold the handsets at Rs. 3, 600 per unit. We are deeply grieved by this incident  where our mobile phone has been presented to masses for Rs. 251, and therefore, would not hesitate from taking any legal actions against the company, in case the entire fiasco impacts ADCOM’s brand name or subsequently we face any other kind of losses. We would also like to assert that ADCOM is in no way connected or linked with Ringing Bells or Freedom 251 and bears no responsibility what so ever, in the whole swindle and regret the inconvenience caused to our valued customers from all over the country."          

About ADCOM:

ADCOM is a part of the Advantage Group, one of the veteran pioneer in IT & technology products, TABLETS and MOBILE importers in India. "Advantage Computers"(Adcom) Established in year 1997 is a complete IT-COMPONENTS & COMMUNICATION technology company constituting, Imports/ Distribution of all major COMPUTER components and the full range of TABLETS ,SMART PHONES and accessories in its Brand 'ADCOM'. The company is known in the Industry for launching various innovative and competitive products in the due course of changing Technologies. With its competitive prices and excellent service support, it is way ahead of its competitors.

With its head office at New Delhi, it has a pan-india sales & service presence through its own 20 billing points. “ADCOM” brand covers 3 major product categories-IT Accessories, TABLETS and SMARTPHONES. The brand has earned a high reputation amongst its million of end users by extraordinary quality at affordable prices backed up by efficient system of after sales service and customer support. The company is renowned for its fair and ethical business policy and strategies.

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