City student secures AIR 33 in KVPY

Siddhartha CV made the city proud by securing All India Rank of 33 in one of the toughest and prestigious Kishore VaigyanikProtsahanYojana (KVPY) exams, which is an on-going National Program of Fellowships in Basic Sciences, initiated and funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, aimed at encouraging students to take up
research careers in the areas of basic sciences, engineering and medicine. A total 12 students from Deeksha and 4 from Ace Academy have secured the scholarship for 2015.

The merit list is based on 75% weightage for Aptitude Test marks and 25% weightage for the interview marks in their respective streams.

A happy Siddhartha said “I am a student of Deeksha Network. I had put in a month’s preparation before the exam with the help of our faculty at campus who had conducted special classes for us and helped us with specific topics. I feel how much ever we prepare for the exam it’s not enough and it all depends on how we perform on that day, it’s very important to keep ones cool, the same goes with the interview. The mock interviews conducted in campus were helpful to prepare myself, also the interview panel there was friendly and they made me feel comfortable. I’m not sure if I’ll be pursuing pure sciences or going for research, I have not decided yet, however I would like to keep my options open and writing KVPY has been a very good exposure for me."

Ms. Subba Rao a proud father said “He was focussed and put in hard work, which has paid off. As a parent, I would leave it on Siddhartha to decide what he wishes to pursue. We always wanted him to be in an environment where he could find like-minded peers, have healthy competition and focus on his goals. This has been provided by Deeksha.

Dr. Sridhar G, Managing Director, Ace Creative Learning shared, “Our students have made us proud by their achievement. It is very nice to see students choosing basic sciences and moving towards careers in research.” He further added, “We should encourage more and more students to take up various scholarship exams like this which can help promote the research sector in the country. When we have such brilliant minds in the country, it seems like such a waste if they are forced to go outside to study basic science and pursue research”

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