Rideji announces its Two-Wheeler Ride Share & Instant Delivery services in Delhi

In an innovative step to save personal time, money of the public and provide pollution free & safe environment, Rideji has announced its last mile services for Instant Delivery and Two-Wheeler Ride Share in Delhi. The services will enhance the travel experience of the daily commuters by offering them 24X7 hassle-free, safe and economic travel options with
its pre-defined fare model.

The services offered by Rideji can be utilised instantly and easily on demand and in real time. The registered Bikers ensure a safe and smooth ride at a fraction of the cost of a taxi and provide last mile connectivity to the users. 

“We are the debutants to launch our services in the National Capital with first-of-its kind pre-defined fare model. Approx. 50 Bikers have registered themselves on the Rideji platform and are clocking almost 700-750 rides with around 80-100 deliveries each day in both the regions.” said Mr. Harsh Agarwal, Spokesperson of Rideji.

“India being the largest two-wheeler market in the world emits high volume of pollution on a daily basis and 60% of the rides in India are Single Pillion Rides. To counter such odds, we are progressively encouraging the concept of Ride sharing. This practise empowers people to effectively share rides, leading to less number of vehicles on roads.  This unique innovative platform will help people to save time, money and environment.” he added. 

The services will enable people to hitch a ride with Bikers having empty pillion seats. It provides one-of-its-kind delivery services for delivering packages in a quick span of time, irrespective of distance or traffic. The brand is already providing these services in millennium city, which bring ease and comfort in the lives of the daily commuters.

Recognising the potential in this segment, four enthusiasts Kiran, Vineet, Mukesh and Yudhister co-founded Rideji and designed an App to create last mile services for Instant Delivery and Ride Share. The App is currently available on Android and iOS.

With constant focus on innovation, Rideji believes in formulating simple processes and systems to the problem areas of common man and make a significant contribution by helping the society. Customers & Bikers security along with their belongings is treated as the top priority for the brand, combined with the best user experience and ease of use. 

The Bikers are well educated about their personal, moral and social responsibilities with women safety as the top priority through regular workshops. The diligent network of Bikers is reliable, friendly and practically understands shortcuts in the city, to reach the destination faster and with safety. 

Presently, the services are operational in Gurgaon and now, Delhi as well. The brand is planning to expand in 6 cities across India to bridge the demand-supply gap. It has esteemed associations with leading payment gateways services to offer best user experience.

For more information, kindly visit http://www.rideji.com/

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