Success Guru AK Mishra Shared Success Mantras with the students at Sharda University

Chanakya IAS Academy organized Art of Success Seminar at Sharda University for the students of Business Management. The seminar was held on Sunday from 1 pm onwards and continued till 4pm. The eminent Motivational Speaker and Managing Director of Chanakya IAS Academy was the chief speaker of the seminar who was joined by another motivational speaker and
career expert at Chanakya IAS Academy, Mr. Alok Kumar. While addressing thousands of students at Sharda University auditorium, Success Guru AK Mishra extended his wishes to all the students for their future endeavors and shared an insight on the topic of the session “How to lead and excel in the chosen field”.The auditorium was filled with copious students who seemed very enthusiastic and delighted to be a part of Success Guru AK Mishra’s valuable guidance.

Mr. AK Mishra shared an insight into the incredible human powers and potential required to grow and succeed in life. He also discussed about the fear factors, due to which thousands of people get unable to achieve the desired and deserved success in life. Mr. Alok Kumar also discussed about thoughts power, human will, right dedication, focused approach and other relevant approaches which certify sure success of any person of the world.

During the programme Success Guru unraveled the unique force of human beings and presented their scientific interpretations. He also gave a brief insight on Civil Services Examination and tips & tricks to successfully crack the examination. The session also encouraged the participants to share their fears or doubts and cleared various myths about Civil Services examination.

He also gave emphasis on the development of leading abilities, ethics, social responsibilities and capable minds. He explained how one can attain the heightened form of his success. During the program, he guided the participants and instilled indomitable enthusiasm into them by narrating many inspirational stories, showing movie clips and by explaining motivational incidents, such as; “As a Pianist can play tune when he has mastered the fundamentals of music and the keyboard, similarly you can do in relation to your goal once you have mastered the Art of Success”.

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