When beauty is more than skin deep

Ayesha, 28 was always troubled by the deep acne scars on her face that had been there since teenage. No matter how well she used concelaers and other make up tools, there was no hiding them. With people often enquiring about the cause of these scars, not just this affected her appearance but also her self esteem

Established in her profession and earning well, Ayesha decided to take greater control over her body and met an aesthetic physician. A few session with skin lasers, and her scars are now only marginally visible. Ayesha hasn’t been happier and has never felt more confident.

For the new age bold and confident girls like Ayesha, life is to be lived on their own terms and cosmetic procedures are just one resource that offer this sense of empowerment. 

Whether we like to believe it or not, beauty is a desirable thing. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Yet, there has always been this lingering belief that there is something wrong in taking a cosmetologist’s help in improving our appearance.

“For a lot of women, a greater control over their bodies and appearance is a boon. For a woman who hosts guest travelers all the time as an air hostess, it is of utmost importance to have a good appearance. Not only to enter the profession, but also to remain in it. Same is true for women in showbiz or women who have roles in front of the camera such as actors and news anchors. For all such women, cosmetic procedures are really helpful. Even women outside such professions today are actively seeking options to improve their appearance, and there should be absolutely nothing wrong with it,” says Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, leading aesthetic physician and founder, SkinAlive Clinics.

For women in such careers and fields, cosmetic procedures are a way to keep themselves fighting fit, much like fitness training is for athletes. Today, an increasing number of women are taking recourse to cosmetic treatments, both surgical ad non invasive, to achieve some of their dreams. In this sense, having a greater control over their appearance makes them empowered.

 “More popular though are non-invasive treatments like Botox, fillers, lasers, medi-facials, oxygen and vitamin infusion therapies etc that are quick and do not carry the need of going under the knife. Facial contouring to redefine features is another popular aspect of facial aesthetics today and a number of women like to get their lips augmented, their cheeks highlighted and their chins redefined. Procedures to do away with scars, pigmentation an acne marks are among the most popular,” adds Dr Chhabra.

If we talk about the field of dermato cosmetology, the leading names that prop up in our minds in India are invariably all women. Studying medicine, but decisively choosing aesthetic medicine as their careers, women have literally overrun this field.

Of course, there has to be a difference between undergoing cosmetic procedures and becoming obsessed with them. The latter is not recommended and doctors always advice clients to be realistic in their expectations and not become dependent on cosmetic procedures.

With increase in purchasing power and greater exposure to the entertainment industry, the awareness and demand has grown in the cosmetic industry. Modern day cosmetic treatments have changed the lives of many women.

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