Creating a one stop solution for verification, AasaanJobs sources verified candidates to recruiters, a leading recruitment company for entry-level and mid-level jobs in India, announces its plan to offer verified candidates for interviews to employers (clients), simplifying the job hunting and verification process for both job seekers and recruiters, respectively.

As a norm, most employers conduct background verification only after a candidate has been selected for the interview in a firm, and if the candidate fails the
verification process later, then it affects both parties. Additionally, it takes anywhere between 7 - 30 days for verification to be completed, depending upon its complexity. If it’s unfavorable, the company not only has to let go of that person, but also lose out on costs incurred while hiring and training them.

To eliminate this issue, AasaanJobs has tied up with several top agencies that specialize in conducting thorough background verification of prospective candidates. With these tie-ups, it also hopes to develop a one stop solution that encompasses recruitment and verification for all employers, powered by verification agencies which can augment a job seeker's profile. Vetting information such as skills, educational background, history, ID proof, address proof, Aadhar verification etc., will enable worthy candidates to appear more trustworthy to employers and help them secure suitable jobs.

Commenting on this development, Siddharth Gupta, Head of Marketing & PR, AasaanJobs said, “The job market in India has become extremely competitive over the years owing to constant development in every sector. This development has resulted in increasing demand for highly skilled professionals who can thrive under work pressure. Catering to that demand, we have created a simplified solution that can elevate the dynamics of job recruitment, benefitting both recruiters and prospective job seekers efficiently. The new move to provide verified candidates is massively going to move the market in terms of elevating trust on candidates being hired, a crucial part in the core operations of many employers.”

Candidates verified through AasaanJobs will certainly be trusted by clients and employers while going for an interview. Companies can be assured that these candidates are pre-verified. Additionally, the employers can request additional verification features as required. They can conduct their hiring process peacefully, only focusing on the candidate's skills without having to invest in further verification.

Verification agencies that have collaborated with AasaanJobs get an incentive for profiling candidates. They also get access to a large pool of job seekers on whom they can conduct verification checks, and therefore, serve the purpose of improving the entry level recruitment ecosystem.

About AasaanJobs:
Aasaanjobs is an online marketplace for entry-level and grey/blue collar jobs. Founded in November 2014, Aasaanjobs is based out of Mumbai. It provides a platform for recruiters and job seekers to interact seamlessly. An end-to-end recruitment service in the entry level recruitment and staffing space, Aasaanjobs bridges the gap between employers and job seekers through a two-way matchmaking system on their web portal as well as mobile app.

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