India’s first craft beer ‘Witlinger’ takes you to a flavorsome adventure

Creating a unique taste and style and offering premium crafted beer experience, Kaama Impex Pvt Ltd launched India’s first craft beer brand, ‘Witlinger’ in fresh bottles. The beer lovers can now wrap their hands around the new curvy bottles and wet their throats with freshly brewed, authentic taste and honestly crafted Wheat Ale beer. The beer is already
a big hit in major bars, restaurants, clubs, 5 star hotels and cafes including Beer café, Warehouse, Townhouse, Open House and Lord of Drinks among others. The bottle will be sold at Rs 150 and Rs 160 per bottle in Delhi and Mumbai market respectively.

Witlinger launched in two variant namely Witlinger Wheat Ale and Witlinger Lager. The brand-new bottle features an original design complemented by fresh bottleneck labels in golden color on Wheat Ale and silver color on Lager. The package takes cues from a traditional Belgium bottle profile, thus bringing a signature look of finest, premium and uniquely crafted beer brand.

Creating Witlinger Wheat Ale, India’s first and unique category of wheat beer, the brand brings a legacy of 130-year of traditional brewing heritage, knowledge, and expertise from United Kingdom to India. Inspired by the promising beer market of India and new trend of premium craft beer experience, the parent company Kama Impex launched India’s first crafted beer, Witlinger in July 2014. The brand is the brainchild of Mr. Anuj Kushwah, an MBA from London in International Trade and Finance. Anuj is a true beer lover and was searching for an authentic crfat beer tatste in India. His quest of finding the real beer tatste led him to create the brand Witlinger and offer a unique taste of first wheat beer in Indian market.

Witlinger brand is created with a sole idea of providing the Indian consumers with varied and premium quality craft beer. The Wheat  Ale beer is the refreshing Belgium style wheat beer with a lingering taste of orange zest and spices. It is cloudy and partially filtered and has fruity flavors making it easy to drink beer any time of the day. The crisp beer is brewed with wheat malt and using traditional Ale yeast.

Speaking on the launch of Witlinger bottle, Anuj Kushwah, Managing Director and founder of Kaama Impex Pvt. Ltd said, “With significant growth in retail and home consumption it was pure business decision to launch Witlinger in bottles. Witlinger has its own fan following due to its unique style and taste that no other beer brand in the country can match. It is first craft beer of India made with finest ingredients, thus giving honest and tasteful craft beer experience of UK. We plan to sell 5 lac cases by end of 2017 and then bringing the Witlinger taste to Tier 2 cities in next 2-3 years.”

“India per capita beer consumption is close to 1.4 liter annually which is very low when compared to world’s average of 65 liter annually. Analysts believe that India will be one of biggest beer market in coming years and Witlinger will take beer lovers on to flavorsome adventure and give them an opportunity to explore and experience something authentic and new”, he added.

About Kama Impex Pvt. Ltd
‘Kaama’ is a Sanskrit word derived from Hindu mythology meaning pleasure of the senses. Keeping the same philosophy in mind ‘Kaama Impex Pvt. Ltd’ was formed with the sole idea of providing the Indian consumers with varied and premium quality beverages sourced from different parts of the world. The company owns the portfolio of India’s first craft beer, Witlinger. The company also has another revenue stream and is exclusive importers and distributor of other beer brands like Sol, Magners, Charger, Heverlee, Monin, and Fever Tree tonic water in India.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant UK craft beer scene, Witlinger is the first crafted beer in India brewed by Master Brewers at Brains Brewery in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Combined with over 130 years of traditional brewing heritage, knowledge, and expertise, Witlinger beer is brewed with the finest ingredients from around the world to offer distinctive flavors, giving a real and honest craft beer experience.  

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