SyberPlace en route to exponential growth trajectory- rejigs go-to market strategy

SyberPlace, which was an inventory led online trader for smartphones is now a marketplace for smartphones. The Company is working towards adding 5,000 smartphones resellers as merchant¬ partners on to its platform, across the country. At present the company boasts of having 100 active merchant partners working with them.

Sahibjot Sodhi, one of the co¬founders and a Principal in the
Company elaborated, “The service delivery to our discerning customers need to improve substantially and we are committed towards achieving that goal. With an average selling price (ASP) of Rs. 17,000, we serve customers who are high in socio¬economic classification and are looking for superior services. We need to expand our business ecosystem to support these service requirements.”

This niche focus on smartphones and a wide network of merchant partners, covering semi¬ urban market stakes is aimed at achieving SyberPlace’s ambitious 90 minutes fast-track delivery offering to its customers.
SyberPlace has also made substantial investments in innovative technology to improve customers’ buying experience and merchants’ selling experience. The same merchant network will enable SyberPlace to launch Roadside Assist, another differentiated service for smartphone users.

Sodhi explained, “SyberPlace is within a striking radius from its target of shipments worth Rs. 100 crore per month, which will gain us a customer base of 100,000 customers every month. So far we have served a total of 300,000 customers. Additionally, our employees are finding it difficult to adapt to new technologies deployed to serve customers. However, they understand that the company has to reinvent itself to stay competitive.”

The Company has identified thirty senior management roles in digital marketing, fulfillment and merchant services, and engineering, who will lead an organization of 200 managers and digital merchandisers. Learning from experiences, the company is looking for professionals from top business and engineering schools. There are 75 business schools that SyberPlace has classified into 3 tiers: Top 11, Top 12-¬35, Top 36¬-75; and, prospects from these business schools with appropriate qualifications and experience would be hired in the aforementioned 200 vacancies. SyberPlace’s primary focus would be on the ability to learn quickly and ‘think of their feet’, rather than experience while hiring.

With this announcement, SyberPlace reinforced its commitment to sustainable growth driven by human capital. The Company promises a challenging and stable work environment where employees earn higher compensation for extraordinary performance and significantly contribute to the business as well. The Company wishes to share its success with the people who make it possible.

About is digital merchandiser serving mobile lifestyle. Founded in 2008 in Hyderabad, SyberPlace serves aspirations of people from abundant technology and social capital available. The Company delivers unparalleled end-to-end experience from its 6 stage customer lifecycle management framework.

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