You can now have your very own Digital Loyalty Card

Gone are the days when you would have to deal with your wallet bursting with loyalty cards from every café, bar, and restaurant you frequent in the hope of getting yourselves a little discount.

Realising the market gap, Akhil Saraf has curated a new start-up app called Loyalie that features a digital loyalty card which users can carry around in their
Smartphone’s. Unlike most brands in the current market which put immense stress on the customer acquisition, Loyalie stresses on the art of customer retention.

Loyalie operates in a concept that is impressive in its novelty and innovativeness: it serves as a medium for businesses to connect to their top clients. The App currently features various favourite places of Kolkata like Bars,Hookah Lounges, Spa’s, Salons Automobile Industry, & Retail but plans to expand pan India by the end of this year only. Loyalie is meant for both masses and classes who would be delighted to have their loyalty to their favourite places and an assortment of rewards.

In order to use the App, you need to have it installed on your smartphone when you visit your favourite restaurant, café or a shopping store. Once you buy your product, you will be presented with a QR code that records your visit and purchase. Scanning this QR code on the app would allow the app to make a record of your visit which will convert to loyalty points.

Once you acquire enough loyalty points, you will unlock a “gift” icon, which, when showed to the restaurant, would get you a certain item on the menu for free. Loyalie rewards start after as little as two visits to a café, and after say six visits, you may even get yourself a free meal! The app is engaging, dynamic, and progressive and is very likely to take the Calcutta crowd by storm.

In words of Akhil Saraf CEO & Founder, Loyalie, “We were inspired to start this venture when we noticed how various promotions were offered to new users whereas loyal users and early adaptors were ignored as no benefit was passed onto them. We wanted to change this behavior and encourage and reward customer’s loyalty by offering them freebies”.

Loyalie has worked towards strengthening the method of loyalty programmers’ by allowing users to store their cards in the App and removing the clutter out of the user’s wallet. Another feature is the dedicated ‘Sales’ Page which targets the physical retailers to complete with online retailer by arming them with the power of information.

In today’s market, if a large online shopping portal is conducting a sale, they use the digital medium to push the information out. Unlike the bigger businesses, the smaller businesses are not connected to their customers.Loyalie aims at bridging the gap and helps the business thrive.

Mr. Saraf also added that, “In India, loyalty programs have existed from the dawn of time. However, we realized that most consumers were either unaware of the points that they held in their loyalty programs and even if they were aware, they didn't care much about it. I realized that the current models of retention had failed for both consumers and businesses. This is why we introduced the stamp system of loyalty in India.

The stamp system is a very simple model where users can get rewards just based on repeat visits to a place. We have now put the reward in front of the consumer and are encouraging them to come back for the freebies that come with their loyalty to the respective outlet.

The rewards are progressive as well. At a cafe, if you go there for the coffee, you might get products like a free brownie for coming in the 2nd time, a starter after the 4th visit and then finally your much beloved coffee after the 6th visit. This entices customers as they now feel valued by the businesses and is our differentiating factor from all other programs out in the market.”

The rapid digitization of the means of business-client interaction in Kolkata has reached its peak in the recent years, be it with Uber, Airbnb, Zomato, Gaana, Bookmyshow, or (now) Loyalie. It most definitely indicates that Kolkatans have woken up to the twenty-first century and are smiling upon new technology.

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