All About Eve: launches India’s first customised, collaborative platform for Women

All About Eve, first of its kind, collaborative branding platform was launched in New Delhi on Thursday. All About Eve provides a unified digital environment that connects internal and external stakeholders thereby improving visibility to help make informed decisions for diverse product categories catering to women.

All About Eve is founded by Bani G Anand, a second generation business
woman, belonging to the illustrious ATS family.

All About Eve believes that women of today are spirited, progressive and passionate and therefore need their own go to platform to enhance their everyday lives.

All About Eve is a premium collaborative vendor repository featuring top experts in the fields of fashion, food, health, wellness and lifestyle categories. It is poised perfectly to provide a solution for the busy women of today, having on board some of the well known names in fashion, jewellery, interiors, food & beverage, healthcare and wellness industry such as Suneet Varma, Ridhima Bhasin, Malasa, Pooja Rajpal Jaggi, ELVY Lifestyle, The Carpet Cellar, Sajavat and Beyond. It brings together businesses, artists and mavericks in a unique way to tell their story like it’s never been told before.

“We strongly believe that an online collaborative platform such as All About Eve will allow women to make informed decisions which will enhance their lifestyles. As curators of specialised content which can be utilised for story telling we take our responsibility very seriously. All About Eve takes a step into the future by providing an inspiring environment to our collaborators as well as our consumers. In order to stay relevant as a brand we need to be where the consumer is, and nowadays that is everywhere, said Bani G Anand, Founder, CEO.

She further added, “This is a fresh way to integrate the components of a lifestyle across one single platform. It is easier to connect and perfect for up-to-the minute searches for products and categories.”

All About Eve is a reflection of the evolved women and caters to every aspect of their needs and desire by selling a lifestyle. It aims to take the average day in the life of an eve, a notch higher by sharing ideas and inspirations through stylised content- a power breakfast fix for a health freak, a lunch delivery service for when you're running late for a meeting, a quick make up tutorial for an evening soiree, a personal stylist or a tailored couture gown for the cocktail party etc.

In essence it is a platform for a woman, by a woman. With an everyday increasing list of collaborators it’s a one stop shop solution for everything that a woman needs.

About All About Eve:
All About Eve is a collaborative branding vendor platform focussing on Women. It aims to be the preeminent repository across the full spectrum of Fashion, Lifestyle, Home, Health, Wellness that helps the woman of today choose the finest product.

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