Career Launcher's Zor ka Jhatka Dheere Se

Career Launcher organized a session, “Zor ka Jhatka Dheere Se” at the YMCA, New Delhi for candidates who recently cracked the CAT exam and are now preparing for their respective B-schools.

The event featured sessions by Gautam Puri, Sreenivasan R, Gautam Bawa amongst others, who shared their wisdom along with some helpful tips from
their own experiences to make sure the students make the most of the 2 years that lie ahead.

The shift from being a B-school aspirant to B-school resident is remarkable and surely, the students felt much better prepared for it after the event. The speakers made sure they extinguish the anxiety that crept in every student mind, helped them realise opportunities and focused on bringing the purpose of good education to light.

Career Launcher has always focussed on nurturing students, preparing them for all possible challenges that lie ahead and this was clearly noticeable when the students shared their experiences. The attendees showed immense appreciation for the priceless mentoring the Gurus of CL had offered. For the student now, it’s all uphill from here. With their dreams in sights, they now look forward to 2, very fruitful years, prepared to reach for the stars and realize their true potential.

Gautam Puri, Vice Chairman and MD, CL Educate says, “We are happy for these young aspirants who made it to India’s top B-schools. While we wish them luck, it’s important for them to know how these 2 years would be. At this event, me and other CL mentors would prepare them to get ready for the grind”.

The event aimed at acquainting students with the culture and life at a B-school well before they actually start their B-school journey. The main highlights of the sessions are as follows:
*5% of IIM students don’t finish their 2 year program. They are thrown out because of academic performance. How to cope-up with the academics

*Student should begin the journey with end in mind.

*Money should not be an issue with these students as the orbit has changed for these students. But the session will focus on importance of Purpose.

*If student wants to focus on a startup, this is the right time. How to go about it.

*Peer group is going to be the best teacher, not the curriculum and professors. How to make use of it?

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