iScholar ties up Super30 to introduce i30 for IIT JEE

iScholar Education Services, an education start-up company providing on- demand online education and learning services has partnered with renowned Anand Kumar of Super30 and recently launched i30, an online IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination) preparation course for aspiring students across various parts of India with access to
internet, that can be downloaded on aspirant’s device.

The i30 course ware is priced affordably making the Super30’s course, known for its nearly 100 percent success rate, by the usage of iScholar’s Learning Management System (LMS), an innovative technology platform developed in-house that could be operated even on a low internet bandwidth and could be easily accessed on personal computers, smart phones and tablets. This innovative technology will make country’s most trusted coaching classes and related content accessible to large number of aspirants even in the remote and rural parts of India.

The affordably priced i30 course (presently at INR 6,000) includes access to the course content, video streaming applications, interactive boards, web cameras, and other state-of-art educational aids to offer a near-classroom experience to the students irrespective of their location or time of login. The i30 course from iScholar is a one-year IIT-JEE entrance examination preparation course based on the course module of Super30 and targets to reach out to aspirants planning to take the examination in 2017 and beyond. The i30 course targets to reach out to bright and deserving aspirants in Gurugram,

Sarang Gangan, Chief Business Officer, iScholar said, “The aspiration of students for IIT JEE in Delhi-NCR has increased over the time and a large number of students travel to other parts to access quality preparation courses”. Our innovative technology help us offer near-live learning experience coupled with best in class coaching inputs of Mr Anand Kumar’s Super 30. This initiative attempts to achieve our vision of addressing education inequity and make quality education accessible to all aspiring students”, Sarang further explained.

According to Anand Kumar of Super30, “We are particularly excited to associate with iScholar to bring an online IIT JEE courseware for the masses. We are working closely with iScholar to translate the powerful Super30 IIT-JEE course ware for online audiences and bring a near real life experience of a Super30 classroom and interactions. The i30 courseware is designed to pave the way for many more bright students across India to get into IITs.”

The LMS platform developed in-house by iScholar is already being successfully used by various corporate houses, government and non-government organizations (NGO) to deliver live expert academic programs (LEAP) in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas across India.

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