Lohia Auto’s economical and eco friendly E-Bike OMA Star

Omastar is the economical and ecofriendly e-bike of Lohia Auto Industries, one of the leading electric bike manufacturers in India. The 'OMA STAR' offers an unmatched level of performance; style and comfort with its new look & features such as
Digital Speedometer, stylish alloy wheels, large storage capacity, high ground clearance, telescopic suspension, etc.

Sporting a stylish and jazzy look with high savings and no compromise on efficiency, OMA Star is the bike to hop on to. With low maintenance, zero emissions and infinite savings OMA Star is the smart choice to make. Its electric drive makes it noise-free and clean.

With a trendy body design and available in attractive four colours: White, Red, Black & Grey, OMA Star is a complete show stopper. The curves are optimized to give a visual appeal while keeping the seating compact yet spacious. It will be available at price of Rs 40850 (Final cost to customer, Delhi).

Mr Ayush Lohia, CEO, Lohia Auto Industries, said, “We understand the needs of our customers and believe in providing with smart mobility solutions. We believe ‘Omastar’ adds significant value in form and function to the electric bike segment and also address the environmental concerns of the automobile industry and the country”.

After the success of ‘FAME’ and ‘Genius’, Lohia Auto has envisage by tapping market in e-bikes. Omastar bike goal is to cater the needs of customers with its voguish looks and magnificent features. Omastar could be a splendid choice for the impregnable and economical mode of travel.

OMA STAR is again a value-for-money proposition to all its potential customers. The company has network of  dealers in across India to provide a better network of availability on sales, service & Spare of bikes to its customers.

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