Roha Continues To Display Incremental Growth

As the leading Indian MNC, engaged in Manufacture and Marketing of colors and food ingredients, ROHA has made exciting advances through expansion in 2016. It is going to be a big growth year for us with many more plans to be announced in the near future.

Roha are proud to announce the launch of an avant-garde Global
Center of Expertise (GCE) in St. Louis, U.S.A. with an investment of $ 5 million. GCE will fuel the current innovative product range and will ensure ROHA’s competitive advantage in quality and pricing.

ROHA is going to prolong its twenty-two-year long commitment with yet another state of the art facility and ultra-modern office set up recently in South Africa. This $ 2 million investment will eventually become a hub for all African operations.

Roha are strengthening presence in UAE by setting up a new office in Dubai as ROHA is conscious of Middle East being a key market for future growth.

Roha are excited to announce the opening of an office in Japan, a market promising abundant opportunities for ROHA . Japans food industry is witnessing a period of transition giving boost to the color industry.

Brazil’s food sector is very dynamic and supports some of the largest players in the global meat market and leading exporter of other raw materials for the food industry. To meet the emerging requirements of these industries, ROHA established a manufacturing facility in Brazil.

ROHA has also set up a new office in Argentina, one of the leading producer and exporter of foodstuffs.

ROHA has announced the launch ofa windmill project in Madhya Pradesh. This huge wind mill boasts a 14 megawatt capacity.

From one small office in India in 1972, Roha today has offices in 19 countries, 13 technical application labs in many time zones globally. Manufacturing facilities are spread out across 13 countries. Roha products are marketed in more than 130 countries.

Roha’s product range includes industrial colors and inks, animal feed additives, natural extracts (juices and concentrates) and an exclusive range of synthetic colors for the cosmetics and household goods industries. At the core of this company is its 350,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art production facility in the Roha district of Maharashtra, India, which meets the highest international standards and norms.

In support are Roha’s 12 other manufacturing centers in the US, UK, Spain, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Egypt, Brazil, Australia & Mexico.

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