Summer Training in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for DU Students

Sameer Rastogi, Managing Partner, India Juris- International Law firm, has taken session on Key legal issues and compliance for Startups in India at Summer Training in Innovation and Entrepreneurship organized by Delhi University in association with PHD Chamber of commerce at Cluster Innovation Centre, Rugby Sevens Building, University
Stadium, and University of Delhi.
Being the expert in this field for a long time he was able to cater knowledge essentials to students and prospective young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Sameer Rastogi, Managing Partner, India Juris said - "These kinds of sessions are the need of the hour as many young people are inclining towards Startup trend in Indian Market. There are many questions in the minds of student and prospective entrepreneurs regarding conceiving their ideas, creating startups, getting startup recognition and getting all the benefits of being a start up.

This session was about clearing all legal, investment related doubts and motivating the young entrepreneur for taking a well informed decision for getting into start up business. I have tried to cover all the basic aspects in the best possible way. There were lots of bright ideas and minds and I hope this session will be very much useful to them". He Added.

He addressed all the legal matters in respect of start-ups like initiating the startup, tips for getting investments, day to day challenges and crucial legal documents involved during investments in Start ups. Many students who want to get into business and young entrepreneurs were be benefited from the discussion. He conducted some discussions and Q & A round to further clarify doubts for the future leaders.

The Summer Training in Innovation and Entrepreneurship was aimed to addressed Delhi University students and provided them all the insights of various matters for their enhancement.

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