Philadelphia: stands first!

Philadelphia stands apart from the oldest city to the first art school, oldest theater to the first stock exchange. The city with its myriad features is truly a place worth visiting to explore.

A read around on all the significant events /activities happened first and foremost in

1. Elfreth’s Alley
Elfreth’s Alley is the oldest residential street in America since 1713. It is one of the only three preserved 18th century streetscapes in the country.

2. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine arts
 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts founded in 1805, is the first school and art museum in the United States.

3. Walnut street theater
 It is the oldest theater since 1809, which is in continuous use in the English –speaking world.

4. Philadelphia orchestra
 It is the first orchestra appeared in motion picture in the year 1937, aired on television in the year 1948 and then followed by tour to China I the year 1973.

5.   Philadelphia is the first city to guarantee religious freedom in the year 1682.

6. Mother Bethel AM.E Church 
      Established in 1794, it is the first Africa- American Church started in Philadelphia.

7.   Philadelphia Zoo
Philadelphia zoo was first chartered in 1859 and established in 1874 is the first zoo opened in America.

8.   Since 1776, Philadelphia is the first state of America which celebrates 4th July every year with ten days Wawa Welcome America festival.

 9. Thanksgiving Day parade.
 In the year 1919,   Philadelphia organized first Thanksgiving Day parade.

10. Bartam’s Garden 
       It was the botanical garden opened in 1728.

11.  Philadelphia Stock exchange
    It was the first stock exchange started in 1728 in United States

12. Loews Philadelphia Hotel
    Earlier in the year 1932, known as PSFS (bank) Building , the first international skyscraper Loews Philadelphia Hotel, was also the first totally air conditioned building in United States.

13. Pennsylvania Hospitals
  Started in the year 1751, It is the first and oldest hospital in United States

14.  First fair in America
 In Philadelphia only, The world’s first fair in America took place in 1876 by tha name of The Centennial International Exhibition at Memorial Hall which was especially built for the  World’s Fair and also houses please touch Museum

15. The Constitution Convention
 It is first American convention, where in the year 1787, The Constitution of the Unites States was written and adopted by representative of 13 original colonies.

16. University of Pennsylvania
 It is the first American University started in Philadelphia and achieved a status of University in the year 1779.

17. The Library Company of Philadelphia
 This is the first library founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1731, is currently located in 1314 Locust Street and is open to public.

-Supriya Mishra

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