Adeona Technologies Launches ODOCON Ride

AdeonaTechnologies, a Mumbai-based firm, has launched a platform, which will provide multiple alternatives for those seeking transport/taxi services. Called ODOCON, this platform brings together several ‘friendly neighborhood’ car rental companies to create a multi-player option that commuters can choose from instead of relying on just
one or two.

In its first phase  the ODOCON User application is an option for commuters to get more CHOICE and THE solution to a whole lot of the woes associated with daily commute especially and including the new age aggregators.

ODOCON solves two main issues in one stroke- service availability at a reasonable price and without surge pricings and safety since the drivers are employed by the car rental companies, unlike the freelancers engaged by the new age aggregators like Uber and Ola. The root problem with these services is that while these aggregators are equipped with cutting-edge technology, they lack basic knowledge of ground realities of running a business of this sort in the logistical labyrinth that is India. What makes it worse is the fact that since the fleet and driver ownership are franchised, despite driver-training and management being in-house, accountability and reliability is left in the grey.

On the other hand, small- and medium-level rentals —the ones you probably always did business with till the bigwigs came along — come with hands-on in-depth knowledge and experience of managing, among other on-ground issues, the most unpredictable component of this business, the drivers. Says Ashutosh Chitnis, founder, Adeona Technologies, “These small and medium size businesses have, in most cases, been in the business for generations, but simply lack big capital, marketing, branding and, most crucially, technological knowhow that has taken New Age services places. So our aim is to equip the current generation owners with the wherewithal to catch up with and take advantage of the latest technology trends, so that it’s works to their advantage and eventually benefits commuters too.”

Corporate houses too will be able to manage their existing service provider relationships on ODOCON, he added.

According to Sachin Alagh of Mumbai-based Orion Travels, there can be no comparison between ODOCON and Ola/Uber. “ODOCON is not an aggregator. It is putting us in direct contact with our customers,” says Alagh, reiterating that this direct interaction, in turn, brings in more accountability and safety. “Besides, we are a 15-year-old company. We have a reputation to keep, so we will never allow any untoward incident to take place,” he says.

- Brings together hundreds of those neighborhood car rental companies, whom you know and trust. So now you have a marketplace with hundreds of choices instead of just two

- Offers a simple yet powerful user experience

- Pre-qualifies these service providers before introducing them to the marketplace to close any loopholes in areas like user experience, safety and security

- Ongoing feedback and rating mechanism helps users make an informed choice and will helps service-providers fine tune their offerings

- Equips service providers with technologies embedded inside the vehicles and users’ smart phones to track their services in real time.

-Supriya Mishra

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