New app to detect authenticity of Diamonds and Precious Stones

In an attempt to educate the masses about Diamonds, Precious Stones and Semi-Precious Stones and offer the best quality Gemstones to all its customers with complete transparency, Khanna Gems Pvt Limited, a pioneer in the gemstone business, has launched a comprehensive mobile app available on
both iOS & Android Platforms, the app focuses on providing authentic information to customers so that they can make an informed decision on every purchase of a gemstone or a piece of jewellery through the app.

Gem Selections has been the only trusted brand for Government Lab-certified Gemstones, Diamonds, and Jewellery since 1987. The newly-designed app will now allow its users to buy precious and semi-precious gemstones, diamonds, Victorian and gem-studded jewellery at real-time gold, silver & diamond rates with a complete bifurcation of prices.

Another feature of the app that truly stands out in the market is the “Create Your Own Jewellery” option. Users can click a picture of any jewellery design that they like, using the app's Camera, and Gem Selections will send them a price quotation along with various variants of the design. The user can easily see all the options along with the estimated price on their app dashboard and order their dream piece of jewellery there and then!

Commenting on the newly launched platform, Pankaj Khanna, Managing Director, Khanna Gems Pvt. Limited, said, “The new mobile platform has been launched to ensure complete transparency and 100% reliable services for all our customers, located in India and abroad. Unlike other mobile apps that are created to enhance revenue, our motive behind launching the app is to acquaint the masses about Gemstones, Diamonds, Jewellery & Rudraksha and help them avoid the fake gemstones that are being sold rampantly both online and offline. We want to guide buyers throughout their gemstone purchasing process and offer them all the information and peace of mind they need when making such high-value purchases.”

The Gem Selections app is nothing less than a video encyclopedia for the gems & jewellery industry in India as it enables its users to discuss any queries related to it and receive useful information on the different types of gemstones and their benefits. Equipped with a personalised push notification service, the app also runs a regular blog offering users the ability to interact with each other, send personal messages and earn points for answering the questions.

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