Aesthetic of Aesthetics by Dr. Ajay Rana

When we talk about ‘Beauty’, one common saying flashes our mind that, “Beauty means being comfortable and confident in your own skin.” No one is an exception to having a desire to look beautiful and stay young. And eventually this makes us eagerly seek for new options and miracles
that help us modify and maintain our looks. This healthy desire is not new but exists as long as human history records are kept and perhaps that led to the inception of Aesthetic Medicine almost 40 years ago in France.

But with spread of technology in our daily lives and the advances in communication has totally modified not only our perception of beauty or the extent of its definition but also how to cherish the beauty forever as never before! And, there goes a door to Aesthetic Medicine which has made the impossible possible in all ways yet without causing any harmful effect to one’s body.

To state in the simplest form, Aesthetic Medicine is simply the process of modifying a body part of a person, either to enhance a person's face and body, or decrease the risk of certain types of diseases including obesity, hair loss etc.

It is medical scope that includes dermatology and surgical practices, starting from non-invasive treatments such as laser treatments to invasive procedures such as reconstructive surgeries. There is a large degree of medicine, science and technology involved in the Aesthetic Medicine.

The most important aspect of Aesthetic Medicine is a simple awareness that although lasers, Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers implants and scalpel may bring about the most amazing and artistically pleasing results, these are just  raw, passive, and obedient  tools without built-in recipes for beauty or guarantees for aesthetic magic. These may come only through skills and knowledge of those who use them with artistic responsibility regardless of individual or prevailing tastes.

Beating some age-old myths, the aesthetic treatment is not just about enhancing a certain feature or beautifying oneself, rather it also raises hope for burn and acid attack victims.

If we put a close vision towards the evolution of Aesthetics from a varied angle, then it is precisely seen that the new trends has become a reflection of the process, which people have begun to accept and incorporate in the emerging concept of self-care. Beauty or its enhancement no more lies on the surface layer, but is skin deep and people have gradually started realising this. Today, Aesthetics Treatments are taking over the world by storm and one of the major factors behind it is that one doesn’t has to go under the knife. The recuperation of the physical appearance is done using non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

This is in pretext to the fact that, gone are the painful days, when a botched up plastic surgery could be ascribed as a reconstructive procedure, leaving the patient with scars and marks. The demand and urge to look good flawlessly has led to the advent of new techniques that can rectify any part of the body giving an ‘untouched’ feel.


Rejuvenating treatments have come a long way from invasive face lifts and paint-stripping peels that required long period for recovery. Now with the zap of a sophisticated appliances or prick of a needle, you can look revived in no time. Aesthetics have come up with solutions for every beauty woes, whatever it may be and the new technologies have boosted up the process in all ways pushing it towards a perfection level.

However, when investing on an aesthetic treatment, any person would want to ensure that he or she is achieves the best result. Meanwhile, the entire rejuvenation process depends only if one put their skin in expert hand and take ample of time to have a thorough consultation prior to the treatment. And once done this in the right manner, nothing can stop one from enjoying the magic of this treatment. From instant rejuvenation to wrinkle prevention, smooth & clear complexion to weight loss, removal of scars, acnes to restoration of skin after burning or acid attacks; aesthetic has proven to be a boon to the seekers.

• To beautify the charm
• To boost one's confidence
• To hide the blemishes and other skin related deformities
• For treatment of infection and ugly scars  and
• To slow the sign of aging


It is really tough to get the public convinced about anything that is new to the market. Skepticism regarding it is very natural and inevitable. But, today if we look into the world of medical aesthetic industry parallely to the urge in people to look beautiful; it is clearly seen that a lot of myth got gradually busted from people’s mind.

And, this took a sharper turn when people started witnessing the astonishing transformation in the looks of the celebrities and the elite class of people. Celebrities and socialite openness about procedures, they have undergone, has increased desires of both men & women to look young, attractive and fit. The rising social pressures to look perfect and high disposable income have added into the factors as well.


The power of technology and the need for beauty enhancement procedures has given a remarkable push to this industry. It is no more just limited to undergoing the treatment and looking flawless but, it has also carried a huge scope for that bunch of people who dream about taking this as a career option. It not only allows the customers to choose services according to their need, but also for pursuers who really want to lay hands skilled on it. There are institutions that offer complete courses on this wide and popular subject. Now, it’s not about getting beautiful but also making beautiful.

 “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

- Dr. Ajay Rana
Founder and Director

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