A Healthy Soda for You and the Environment

Mr Butler Italia Sodamaker is a healthy product as you are making your own soda or sparkling beverage from the tap in your home. You can customize your favorite drink by adding a hint of fizz or mixing it with fresh lemonade or fruit juice.

Not just super convenient, Mr Butler Italia Sodamaker is also environment-friendly in that it does not run on batteries or electricity. Further, it reduces the plastic waste you generate in your home, thus contributing to a greener and cleaner plant.

It comes with a CO2 gas cylinder that can make 125 glasses or approximately 25 litres of sparkling soda. The refill cylinders are available for just Rs 130, hence a litre of Soda costs you just Rs 4!

Mr Butler Sodamaker does not require Electricity or batteries, and operates on a C02 gas cylinder, that weighs less than 2 kgs. To operate it, one needs to insert a bottle of water and then press the operating panel of the Sodamaker – water is turned into sparkling water/soda within seconds.

The Sodamaker comes with a 500 ml BPA pet bottle and is easy to use. Larger bottles (1 litre) can also be purchased separately.

PRICE RANGE – Rs. 3,400- Rs 3,950 (discounted rates available at Amazon)

AVAILABILITY OF THE PRODUCT – Amazon.in and select retail outlets across the country (refer to the company website www.mrbutlers.com )

ABOUT MR. BUTLER SODAMAKER – Mr Butler pioneered Asia’s first Sodamaker and continues to be the largest manufacturer of this product in the region. The Mr Butler Italia model was designed by IDEA Institute, Italy, and the world-renowned design company. Mr Butler Sodamaker is an environmentally friendly product whereby every time one makes a soda, he/she is saving the environment from plastic waste. We want to play our part in maintaining a cleaner, greener planet.

Mr Butler also offers other hydration-related products such as BPA-free PET bottles, Copper bottles and Thermosteel bottles.

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