Kolkata: For a city that lives to eat...

Kolkata, the City of Love, or more precisely the city that loves to eat. Kolkata is the one city that has a huge variety of food, which is hardly available in any other city in the country. From Chinese to Continental, from Thai to Tandoor, you ask and Kolkata as one of the best places tom serve it to you.
But with so many options, comes a huge wave confusion. Where to go? What to eat? What not to eat? Probably your are not the only one stuck in the puddle. We all face the same problem. So , to solve this, and give a brief about the best food available in the city, I am bringing out one of the best options to gorge on.

Fish Cutlet at the Indian Coffee House
Founded in the year 1936, The Indian Coffee House is not only a place for hangout, but also it holds an extreme rank of  heritage and authenticity for the Bengalis. For years, The Indian Coffee House has witnessed pioneers like Manna Dey, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Soumitra Chatterjee and many of the masters of the 20th century. The Indian Coffee House, even after so many years, still remain as one of the favourite places for most of the people.
Breakfast at Flury’s
Flury’s  is a popular tearoom in the heart of the city. Established in 1927, this cake shop is mostly popular for its authentic breakfast menus. From pastries, to different kinds of breads, chicken sausages, bacon strips, coffee, and their Darjeeling Tea is one thing that should never be missed under any cost.
Chelo Kebab at Peter Cat
Another most popular fine dine located in Park Street, Peter Cat is famous for its legendary Chelo Kebab. Served with fine buttered rice, poached eggs and different types of kebabs, it is one of the most delicious dished to have ever existed in the city.
Nabin Chandra Das and Sons.
If in Kolkata, the most important thing to try on is SWEETS. Kolkata is mainly popular for its extreme variety of sweets, and mostly the infamous ‘Roshogolla’ and no other place, than the founder itself can serve you the best out of the rest ‘Roshogollas’. Nabin Chandra Das was the famous confectioner who first made ‘roshogollas’ in the 19th century. He is most popularly called the “ Columbus of Roshogolla”. His invention brought an enormous turn in the history of Bengali sweets.
Kolkata, or as I like to call it Calcutta, is like a rainbow of cuisines, culture, traditions, heritage,love, literature and passion. No matter where you go, where you live, but this city binds you with its aura. From music to food, from traditions to heritage, there is not one thing about this city that will disappoint you. This city will have your heart, and your heart will forever belong to this city.
-Upasana Sarbajna


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