Nothing Is The New Denim

An outstanding quote reads “you can never own too much denim” and don’t we all agree to this much relatable statement? Invented by fashion enthusiasts Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis in the year 1873 under the famous term “blue jeans”, denims till date is one of the oldest form of clothes to remain in vogue and has never failed to make an exquisite statement. From street style cute casuals in Levis to trendy on the runways of Mulan fashion week, this outfit has made you feel perfectly attired whatever the occasion stands. On the date celebrated by fashion worshipers as International Denim day we bring you denim do ups over the year that has successfully managed to break the chic meters and have vouched to never go out of style. So, if you are among that population yet to own a Denim wardrobe this following article will surely make you question “do you own enough of it?”

There is no doubt the body hugger is the attraction bringer but the baggy jeans will turn you into that Tumbler model. The outfit also popularly known as the 90s trend has not just acquired “the go to comfort” title but also has grown a fascination among A listed celebrities and Instagram models.  Gear them with a nice pair of white canvas and cat eye shades and voala! You have amassed the title of what the fashionistas like to call “Aesthetically denim”. The trend was brought into limelight specially by the 90s Sit Com characters like Monica Geller from Friends and Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210. In this century it is surely an excellent weapon for celebrities to ace fabulous pictures by the unexpected paparazzi’s.

The remarkable denim over denim look attained a number of backlashes in the initial year. This attire was considered a fashion rebel as it formulated against the sacred fashion rule of no overlapping. But once the chicest fashion idols and Victoria secret icons Bella and Gigi Hadid re-established the concept with swank the insignificant interrogation immediately died down. This trend has also captured its exclusive place in New York Fashion weak accepted by fashion elites. The over lapping conspiracy is easily debunked because ladies and gentlemen a Demin is not restricted to one shade. A knotted denim shirt of a faded hue with a dark ripped jean and you are ready to conquer world with your vogue earned statements.

Yes your audience the 70s are back on track. So, tune on some Pink Floyd and don’t forget to groove on this newly found fashion favourite. Recent fashion police report states number of celebrities are witnessed decked out in these classics clads. Some of the icons to get inspired from includes Bella thorn’s white halter top paired with an exotic high waisted light blue denim ornamented with brown leather belts and Harry’s styles smart casuals consisting of dark wide bottom jeans with a red sweater. Needless to mention the high waist helps you achieve the perfect fit for your shape and the subtle sex appeal is worth it. Garbed in this outfit can easily make the source of all the eye turning. So next time someone comments that you are still stuck in the old clap back by saying you are the trend setter.

Feeling underdressed? There cannot be a better remedy than a good pair of denim jacket. Fashionistas have professed this to be the ultimate timeless trend. Oh, they are here to stay and ain’t going anywhere! No matter what the attire is nothing can go wrong with a little jacketing up, in fact it also allows you to get that extra poise required to manifest that final remark. Denim jacket asses in including the pop of colour to every outfit you wear. People are styling it with denim, with skirts and even with saree and do I even need to mention the comfort? So, to all the Denim divas out there if you are window shopping maybe adding another pair will never harm you *wink* *wink*!
Through out the years denim is that one clothing item which has been accessible to all yet hasn’t lost its charm in the runways of Paris. With that being said it is safe to conclude that denim is a people’s apparel adding comfort and chic to our day to day lives because remember nothing will ever be the new Denim.

-Deepanwita Dey
She has always considered writing as the ultimate weapon to share every thought an individual amble through. For her writing is not just an activity it’s a motivation for the scarred mind. Pursuing Mass Communication in Amity University Kolkata she is diligently following her passion for the quill.