The Thesaurus of Self

Waking up at midnight, to be haunted by my reflection, questioning my existence, I tried to reaffirm the state of happening. The more I delved into the depths of my darkness, the more I felt the need to aggravate the power. Existing is just a word until you dive deep into the realms of every aspect of it.
Travelling all the way through the dead of anxiety and coming out yet as colourful as the rainbow in the sky is one of the most cherished moments of my life. For the sole purpose of "becoming" is very hopeful. It either tears you apart or keeps you within.

Trying to cope with the dealings of the surrounding and making yourself achieve better from the strength of loss, has its millennial nature. As I get lost further into the thoughts of adhering to strive the impossible, learning and attaining knowledge keeps the flow of my vivid imagery across the stream of experiencing. Hardships occur, not only does it occur, but also teaches you a lesson for the worth of continuing with life on earth.

The truthful victim of suffering is none other than ourselves who prefer to pose a threat against what journeys would like us to be. Going where the light would take you is very easy to say, if that one ray of hope does not choose to be with us at that moment.

Picture credits: Mrs.Preeti Roy Chowdhury
It could last for a lifetime without asking you to please yourself and take the happiness out of you, only to give you endless scars. Appreciating your wounds and delivering a new sphere to your absent-minded oblivious soul has a chance of treating you better. Occurrence of individuality and the contentment of needing a craving dims the reality in which we often choose to be in rather than be with. Dependence goes a long way once we figure utter conscientiousness that runs in our blood and hence, lives longer…

Therefore, the mere truth that prevails within us that is constricted to the four walls of our surrounding, have a way to be dealt with. The sheer trait of exploring the unknown and unconscious is to create a new born aesthetic and bring it to life. Soaring the surrealistic nature and transforming oneself, only to produce something so original, gives a sense of satisfaction. Now, I realise that what could have been, can be, only if accepting was in trend. As J.K.Rowling once said, “what is life without a little risk ?"

-Namrata Dey