Prediction 2020 One by Rajkishore Bang

A) Kal - Sarp Dosh, in transit, taking shape from late night of 12/04/2020 & will be happening at regular intervals till 15/07/2020.
B) Saturn & Jupiter are conjoined together, in transit, in Makar (Capricorn) Rashi till 30/06/2020. AND, will be conjoined again from 20/11/2020 till 06/04/2021.

C) There will be Three Eclipse occurring between 05/06/2020 and 05/07/2020.

D) could be subject to debate, if DOB of Hindustan is taken as Midnight 15/08/1947 Delhi, than Saturn Antardasha has started from First Week of December, 2019 in on going Chandra Mahadasha, AND, Antardasha will end in First Week of July 2021.

E) Moon - Saturn are Conjoined together in Hindustan birth chart forming inauspicious "" VISH YOGA"".

F) "KAL - SARP" dosh & "PITRA-DOSH" Too are visible in the birth chart of country as Hindustan.

So, it's quite possible that, period till 30.06.2020 could be troublesome and needs caution of highest level AND even after that till the end of First half of 2021 we all should be careful and act Responsibly.

-Rajkishore Bang
 (Founder) Astro-Tech Analytics
Cell: 09920202022    

Note: we are no authority and do not guarantee anything, But trying our best by using our knowledge of astrology to analyse & help.

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