How to spend lockdown effectively?

In the wake of the pandemic, when the entire world is at a standstill, it is very important to spend the time at home effectively, to maintain good mental health and ensure an escape plan from boredom.
I have made a list of things I have loved doing all this time. Try it. Maybe you will fall in love with them too!
With cases of COVID19 increasing every single day, it has become more important than ever to build up our immunity. And the best and easiest way to do that is by exercising and ensuring that you remain healthy and fit. I know that convincing yourself to get out of the bed during this time is hard, but as someone once said, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”.

You may try a new fitness challenge. Take up the trending 30-day fitness challenge. It is hard, but trust me, the results are worth it. Well, I discovered my new self and I’m loving it.
47 films, 3 series, 11 documentaries- this has been my watchlist to date from the day lockdown started in my city. Never in my life have I fallen in love with so many men at once. From loving Ringo in Stagecoach to getting head over heels over Berlin in Money Heist, my fantasies have travelled back and forth with every movie.

I do believe that the easiest way to spare time is by binge-watching good movies, documentaries, or a series. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot star, and many more apps providing a huge range of movie options, life has never been simpler. Being a 90s kid myself, I always had the basic notion of getting hold of a torrent, downloading it (which obviously depended on my BSNL broadband’s mood), and then watching it. But now, every movie is just a click away.

Moreover, in the hustle and bustle of life, no one remembers when the person spent quality time with his family for the last time. Watching movies together can pose to be a great opportunity to rekindle the lost sparks, revisit old memories, and re-establish the long-lost connections.
If I quote how many books I read in this lockdown, you will think I am a mad person who reads and watches movies the entire day. Well, I can’t exactly disagree.

Reading a good book is a treat, an experience you can behold. If you have already read all the books available at your home, get hold of an online PDF. Almost every single book ever written is available on the Internet.

I am also going to disclose my small secret. Every Sunday evening, my mother sits with her entire collection of “Rabindra Rachanabali”, and reads to me poetries of love, regrets, sorrows, anger, and every possible emotion. Those moments make me oblivious to the passage of time.

Try to spend such time with your parents over good books. They are magical.

• COOK: From the core of my heart I believe that you can’t love cooking if you don’t appreciate eating. You are welcome to disagree, but I am quite rigid on my take. I’ll tell you why. Post lockdown, after my parents imposed a strict ban on outside foods in my home, I had no other option but to cook at my house. From preparing the perfect French fries to cooking a delicious Chicken Lasagna, my journey has been an exciting one, and I take pride in announcing that I am considering to be a chef post lockdown.

Keeping all jokes aside, cooking is an extremely satisfying process and it helps in relaxing the mind. If you are a starter, watch videos of different food bloggers on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. The food will leave you amazed.

• WORK ON YOUR HOBBIES: Although my family had planned loads of things to do, my father kept on sulking the entire time regarding the government-imposed restrictions. It was at this moment, my mother suggested him to start drawing again. As a small child, my father wanted to be a painter. But just like every other child, even his dream got shattered when he was growing up. Finally, after a long-drawn process of convincing, father started painting. He has already made 9 canvas paintings and they are astonishing. Moreover, I have never seen father this happy before.

That’s why, it's my advice that, try to work on your long-lost hobbies. The experience will be an enriching one.

-Shankhanila Palchowdhury
A graduate student in Journalism and Communications, I am an avid reader, writer, blogger, foodie, and movie buff. Based in Kolkata, I am extremely passionate about trekking, travelling, exploring, and building new relations every day.

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