Aesthetics Retail Pvt Ltd launches Originate, an eco-friendly and sustainable fashion label

Aesthetic Retail Pvt Ltd. (ARPL) known for its contribution in luxury home decor and lifestyle products manufacturing, through its sustained efforts has launched the highly anticipated eco-friendly fashion brand called “Originate”.

True to its name, Originate builds on the idea of fashion and purpose going hand-in-hand, at the same time meditating on origin, the source!

The brand aims to fill a void in the market by consciously combining seamless garments with timeless elegance through their transparent and sustainable practices. Their collections are a perfect fit for people who truly seek to embrace and promote a mindful lifestyle with fashion.

Drawing inspiration from the unparalleled beauty of nature, the collections are enveloped in organic colors and a strong textural identity. An entrancing assortment of natural materials and weaves, with artisanal allure, and an overarching simplicity make products at Originate a testament to slow living. The seamless weave of classic and contemporary, traditional and conscious creates a timeless and sustainable wardrobe. With their effortless silhouettes and thoughtful designs, the brand takes a small step to give back to the environment and people to promote a more mindful lifestyle.

Central to its mission, Originate under the aegis of ARPL is a certified Fair Trade brand that contributes a part of its earnings to help artisans live a better life. Offering a guilt-free experience the brand believes in making diligent efforts to reduce waste and reuse, recycle resources from the conceptualization to the final product stage. “Employing local tailors and seamstresses, and working closely with the makers, the quality parameters are non-negotiable”, says Ritika Jain, Director at J. Nitin Merchandising.

Originate demonstrates a continuing evolution for ARPL and hopes to reach out to an international audience who are at an intersection of sustainability and design.

Ms. Ritika Jain, Founder, Originate

Giving form to her keen inclination towards design and sustainability with diligent actions, Ms. Ritika Jain has been keenly involved in the field of textiles for more than 20 years now. With her master's degree in Business Administration, she holds a strong track record of performance in high-paced organization.

With year after year success achieving business growth objectives within a multitude of brands, start-ups, and rapid change environments she now strives to fill the void between sustainable lifestyle and fashion space.

With an intuitive eye for quality, detail, and aesthetics, the founder has always believed in pushing the boundaries when it comes to redefining lifestyles.

Leading and motivating a highly skilled team of craftsmen and young talent from the industry, she firmly believes in giving back to society through her associations with non-profitable organizations and continuous efforts to support the Indian artisans and indigenous skills.

The brand Originate takes a small step to rekindle a relationship with the environment and promote a more mindful lifestyle. Making garments that celebrate feminine ease while meeting the need of everyday dressing and satisfying the appetite for a romantic appeal, amplified by delicate details.

Embodying the “Rooted to Culture, Close to Nature” essence, Ms. Ritika's aim is to establish a conscious brand with global footprints, making timeless and sustainable clothing while being inclusive to women of every body type and age.

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