Fertility and Vaccination during Covid-19 Pandemic

Infertility is a condition where a couple is unable to conceive naturally, despite having unprotected sex for more than a year. Many factors can affect conception, including the presence of sperm and egg at the right time in a receptive environment.

Dr. Sarita Sharma, Founder of Adam and Eve Fertility Center, IVF Centre in Noida says, As COVID-19 vaccination rollout continues across the country, many women who are trying to conceive, amid fertility treatment, or already pregnant are wondering if the vaccine is right for them. While it’s ultimately a personal choice. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine will not affect your fertility. Women actively trying to conceive may be vaccinated with the current COVID-19 vaccines — there is no reason to delay pregnancy after completing the vaccine series.

She says that this confusion around this issue arise when a false report surfaced to us, saying that the spike protein on this coronavirus was the same as another spike protein called syncytin-1 that is involved in the growth and attachment of the placenta during pregnancy. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine would cause a woman’s body to fight this different spike protein and affect her fertility. The two spike proteins are completely different, and getting the COVID-19 vaccine will not affect the fertility of women who are seeking to become pregnant, including through in vitro fertilization methods.

Dr. Sharma says, there are around tests that can help you track the severity of COVID infection and start timely treatment. One such test is the CRP test. CRP stands for C-reactive protein. It is a test that helps in detecting the presence of inflammation or infection in the body. It is a commonly used blood test to detect increased levels of infection in the body. A raised CRP level has been observed in most people suffering from COVID infection.

We at Adam and Eve Fertility Center ask our patients to go under CRP test, then only we start treating them according to his report. If the CRP level of a patient is increased, then we ask them to come next month. Those whose CRP is fine, then their treatment starts quickly. This does not cause any problems to the patients. In the time of covid, many people in our hospital have done their treatment even after taking the covid vaccine. There is nothing to be afraid of the Covid vaccine. Nor does it make any difference to our success rate. Each hospital has its fertility success rate, which varies from month to month. The success rate of Adam and Eve is between 65-70 percent every month. This shows that even in the Corona pandemic, people are raising their hopes of becoming parents.

Many people ask me, Is the covid vaccine safe during pregnancy or not? And I always advise my patient that if we want to protect ourselves from this virus then we have to wear masks, wash hands and get our vaccination along with social distancing. We know that those who are pregnant are at a higher risk of the corona virus. But vaccination alone is the most effective way to keep women and their children safe from the virus. If you are unsure or worried about vaccination, let me assure you that the covid jab is safe during pregnancy according to WHO (World Health Organisation). I do urge every parent to have the vaccine to protect themselves, their baby, and their family.

-Aditi Sinha

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