Easy Justice, Speedy Justice with Rest the Case promoting Prime Minister's Vision

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent speech during the joint conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts highlighted how digital technology has uplifted India to greater heights and has made information accessible to the common man. His vision for the Indian Judicial System is to make it easily accessible for everyone through digitization.

A common man should be able to understand the law easily and should be able to have access. Digitization of the legal system will have a significant impact in India, it will make things simpler and faster. He also mentioned that the legal language can be a little hard to understand so there should be an easier explanation for the laws. This will ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the law and his or her rights.

Prime Minister's Vision for Judicial System is the need of the hour and joining him in his vision for a better India is Rest The Case- a legal aggregator platform founded by Shreya Sharma who resonates this belief that law should be made available to all by applying simplifying procedures.

RTC is a Legal aggregator platform that offers infinite opportunities to lawyers and clients and makes the law accessible to everyone. It is an online platform that gives a smart and convenient edge to create and build connections between lawyers and clients with just one simple click. The platform also provides explanation to the complicated laws and amendments for better understanding of the common man. Now with RTC being launched in India, it is easy for everyone to find a right lawyer for their requirements.

Talking about Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision Shreya Sharma says, “The vision of Digitisation of Judicial system and Mediation will be a very beneficial change for the common man. The law will be accessible to everyone and the way to justice will also become shorter. Through RTC as a platform, we ensure that we help people not only by connecting them to a right lawyer but the documentation process is also simplified to make things easier”.

Rest The Case aims to provide solutions to all legal needs, from the comfort of home. The platform caters to the needs of clients seeking legal help, lawyers to maintain their verified accounts as well as law students seeking information, across India.

Prime Minister Modi also stressed on using Mediation as a practice in the system. This means issues can be resolved outside the court with the help of certified personnel who will try to help the two parties to settle out of the court instead of filing a case. This will help in decreasing the time for justice or settlement.

Ms. Shreya Sharma is also a mediator herself and promotes mediation as a important part of the legal system through Rest The Case.

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