Social Media: The New Way of Connecting in The Modern World

Social media may be a powerful communications medium, with widespread influence over cities as well as remote areas. However, it's solely a part of the digital revolution that we have a tendency to square measure witnessing. Digital transformation has not solely influenced businesses and created the planet a lot of accessible, but it's conjointly modified the means we have a tendency to communicate.

Internet is an implausible tool sustaining new trends and technological advancements with every passing day. And here, the very best purpose, without doubt and wide accepted, looks to be the social networking sites that square measure to remain for eternity. The name suggests; it's an area that associates numerous communities no matter any discrimination. The tremendous vary of societal addicts conceive this arena as a platform to remain connected anytime and each time. But these social guardians tend to forget the home-hearth bond for no guaranteed reason.

Here square measure 5 observations and predictions for the means social media is changing the planet from specialists from the world Agenda Council.

1.  “Social media is transforming banking relationships in terribly important ways in which, from up client service to permitting users to send cash to others via on-line platforms Social media will even impact your ability to induce a loan.”

2. Social media is shaking up care and public health The health trade is already mistreatment social media to alter however it works, whether or not through public health campaigns or virtual doctor’s visits on Skype

3.Social media allows voters to be the supply of ideas, plans and initiatives in a better means than ever before. within the future, we are able to expect a lot of and a lot of leaders to embrace this sort of clear governance, because it becomes easier for them to interact with their constituents

4. Social media helps U.S.A. higher reply to disasters From Facebook’s Safety Check that permits users in disaster zones to mark themselves as safe – to the increase of the Crisis Mappers Network, we’ve seen several samples of however social media and digital communications a lot of broadly speaking square measure serving to reply to disasters.

5. Social media helps U.S.A. tackle a number of the world’s biggest challenges, from human rights violations to global climate change.

Worldwide network. Social destinations like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on are the quickest and the most advantageous ways of being associated with our friends and family regardless of how far they are from us. These associations can assist one with various things like looking for a new work, finding help, making or getting guidance and so on. Free publicizing. Whether you are non-benefit association who requirements to spread the news about your impending pledge drive or a entrepreneur promoting another item or administration, there could be no greater method for getting your message before a huge number of individuals by posting it on the web.

Cyber harassing. Utilization of informal organizations can open people to provocation or then again unseemly contact from others. For example, dangers of misrepresentation or fraud. Whether you like it or not, the data you post on the Internet is accessible to nearly any individual who is sufficiently cunning to get to it. This prompts various digital extortion or fraud case. Use of web has ended up being a period killer in 60% of children.

Prerana Yadav
Amity University, Kolkata

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