Akshaya Chaitanya inaugurates “Swasthya Ahara Program” in Mumbai's largest government hospital -KEM

Akshaya Chaitanya, an initiative of HKM Charitable Foundation, is an NGO in Mumbai attempting to make food accessible to the needy across town by serving them hot, nutritious, locally palatable meals. They inaugurated the   “Swasthya Ahara program” in Mumbai's largest government hospital - KEM was 29th September 2022. Breakfast cost is supported by Jewelex foundation and lunch meal is sponsored by Mahanagar Gas Ltd.

The inauguration was attended by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Addl. Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Sanjay Kurade, Dy. Municipal Commissioner – Public Health and Dr. Sangeeta Raut, Dean at KEM Hospital and Mr. Sanjay Shende, Dy. Managing Director at Mahanagar gas Ltd.

Mumbai, the financial capital ranks the worst on hunger index in Maharashtra and urban India. 59.7% of households in urban slums of Mumbai are ‘severely food-insecure’, i.e., they run out of food and have to survive without eating for a day or more. Nearly 50,000 children in Mumbai are severely malnourished and 2,000 lose their life every year fighting hunger.

“When the marginalised sections face any health issue, government hospitals are their only option as monthly income levels of families range from ₹7,000 to ₹25,000 only (SEC-D & E). We know that free meals in government hospitals act like a lifeline for the underprivileged families.” Said Mr. Vikas Parchanda, CEO of  Akshaya Chaitanya

“We are happy to launch our Swasthya Ahara program at KEM hospital to help the families of patients deal with physical and mental stress of managing an illness in the family. They save money and time to invest in the well-being of their patients. KEM Hospital is the biggest hospital in Mumbai with 2250 patient beds and their treatment for rare and difficult to treat diseases requires families to stay in the hospital for months all together”, Vikas added.

Mr. Sanjay Shende, Deputy Managing Director said MGL partners with HKM Charitable Foundation for ‘MGL Aarogya -Swasthya Ahara’ CSR initiative

Realising the need for providing a healthy diet to vulnerable families of patients hospitalized in Government hospitals. Under this initiative they have been serving meals to various public hospitals in Mumbai including KEM Hospital.

To supplement the noble cause of HKM Charitable Foundation, Mahanagar Gas Limited, under its CSR initiative ‘MGL Arogya- Swasthya Ahara Program’ will be   providing support for lunch to 500 vulnerable families of patients admitted in KEM hospital. The support for meals extended to the relatives of patients will not only provide them healthy food, but will also help them in having additional savings for medication and treatment of the patients, which will also help in their patient’s faster recovery.

Akshaya Chaitanya is an initiative in Mumbai with the objective to eradicate hunger in a sustainable and scalable way. It began its service in the city with the Hospital Feeding Programme in partnership with BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) and DMER (Directorate of Medical Education & Research), Government of Maharashtra. Now, Akshaya Chaitanya feeds 5000+ breakfast meals in municipal schools too to ensure zero classroom hunger for better learning outcomes.

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