Be a smart host this festive season

Already taste the food and feel the cheer of the festive season around the corner? It's that time of the year when you’re stressed hosting guests and churning out new recipes. This year, plan to keep your hosted meals stress free and efficient. 

Speaking about cooking during the festivals, Celebrity Chef and Master Chef India runner-up Neha Deepak Shah, "The festive season is all about enjoying a home cooked meal with family and friends. Unfortunately, with cooking comes a large pile of greasy and stained utensils that fill the sink. Using an enzyme based dishwash liquid like Nimeasy gives efforless stains and grease removal from the used utensils .  And with natural ingredients like neem it makes sure that the utensils are bacteria free."

Our Indian festivals each have their own set of intricate ceremonial recipes which require a detailed perp and special cooking techniques and vessels.  Here are a few simple tips that will help you make festive cooking a relaxed experience.

Be practical -
Consider the size of your utensils and appliances before deciding the menu. If you have large utensils stored away in the attic, clean them with Nimeasy ahead of the festive planning. Do not plan a feast for many if your kitchen has been designed to make a meal for a few. With the limited utensils and vessels you may have, you can easily cook to impress a special few.

Be planned -
There are many mouthwatering recipes which use common ingredients, yet have their individual taste. More common ingredients to deal with will keep the kitchen counters clean and your mind stress free. Also plan the cooking order so that you can reuse the utensils. Remember, one dish made with utmost care is better than three recipes cooked poorly.

Cook what you cook best -
Feel no pressure to use ingredients you've never worked with. You don't want to find yourself with a new dish that doesn’t live upto your expectations, while the guests have already arrived. Choose the flavours and ingredients you are accustomed to and pick recipes which you feel confident will work the best.

Involve the family –

It’s a great idea to delegate. Divide small chores like cleaning and chopping and assign a family member to them. Order vegetables and fruits ahead and clean them for prep to ensure that they are clean them properly. Remember, vegetables and fruits are laden with pesticides that suppress immune responses to bacteria, viruses and parasites, making people significantly more susceptible to disease. Clean all the vegetables with 100% natural solutions like ITC’s Nimwash Vegetable & Fruit Wash. Nimwash cleans fruits and vegetables, washes away pesticides and germs, and ensures that they are safe to consume. Kids can be assigned to clean the kitchen counter, any food spilled on the floor, or simply dry the washed utensils. The delegation will take some load off you.

Pre-arrange –
If you are hosting dinner for your guests, remember to pre-arrange. Preparing some dishes in advance will make it easier for you. Many recipes remain fresh if kept in the refrigerator overnight. The main course can be reheated whenever you are ready to eat. And the cold dessert can be served when it is time.

Consider these easy kitchen tips for smooth and stress free festive season hosting along with keeping the kitchen clean.

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