How Brands are leveraging Influencers this festive season to grow their consumer base

The festive season is almost here and the excitement is just getting started! Just like you, major brands are gearing up to kickstart their festive campaigns with impressive marketing strategies that lure their customers to indulge in all festive shopping activities.

Popular couple influencers Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur from That Couple Though share, “A major part of this is the rising popularity of influencers and the credible command they have over their audiences. Right from product-based businesses to service platforms, brands across India are capitalizing on adding the human touch to their campaigns with influencer marketing. Social media plays a major part in this and has proven to be the key contributor to sales generation and customer building.”

Tapping all age groups.
One of the key aspects that brands and marketers are keen to follow is to diversify their content formats in a way that targets all age groups. Influencers across India are spread in different age groups right from Gen Z to the couple influencers and even seniors who have established a niche for themselves. When it comes to festive marketing, especially in a country like India, the coming together of people and families is something that helps create a positive family-like influence on the customers.

Whether it is a product or service business, establishing collaborations with different age groups helps the brand get noticed by a more wide audience thus helping its sales. Not just this, even including a group of people with different interests is a great way for brands to build a sense of festive FOMO amongst people. Take the recent, glamorous Festive Ad by H&M where budding pop artists are invited to experience the season's festive party by wearing their clothing. Things like this help create a sense of inclusion and familiarity along with imbibing a warm festive mood among the brand's customers.

Creating an experience
Another great way brands are roping in audiences to follow their favourite influencer is by inviting the influencer to come and experience a unique offering while also creating something interesting for their followers. A good example of this is restaurants asking influencers to do a bar takeover where their followers can join in, enjoy the day with their favourite influencer and get a chance to sip on a unique drink prepared by them. This helps the brand build a massive social media presence thus luring more people to visit the space.

Cross Collaboration
For influencers having a niche audience, this kind of festive marketing works exceptionally well. Influencers work very hard to establish a credible audience who trusts them with their recommendations. When two brands come together to create something exclusive, they need a strong representation of their product or service. To give you an example, for an influencer who shares recipes and easy-to-cook options, a cross-collaboration between a crockery brand tableware can work amazingly with the niche audience the influencer has built. This is because table wear is a huge part of festive get-togethers and parties. The same applies to many more industries with a specific niched audience.

Affiliate Marketing
This kind of influencer marketing technique is carried out by big brands and e-commerce platforms that also end up making massive sales. We are talking Flipkart, Amazon or even brands like Domino’s and Cadbury, fashion brands like Biba and more. Associating an influencer that recommends a certain product by giving an exclusive discount valid exclusively for their followers makes for a great way for brands and influencers to earn profit while also giving their audiences the best for the festive season. It is a win-win for all and something that is easily accessible thanks to rising influencers.

The couple adds “Last year, despite the slowdown of the economy due to the pandemic, the same methods had proven brands to earn massive profits and this year too, everyone is looking forward to kickstarting the festive season with a bang. The emergence of social media and influencers has proved to be a huge asset for everyone and has made it possible for brands to multiply their customer base as well as generate more profits.”

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