How these 5 companies are working towards sustainability and green homes

The whole world is making conscious efforts to adopt green living, green buildings are the need of the hour, to protect the environment from further deterioration. How some of the leading developers and companies are adapting sustainable practices when it comes to building green buildings.

1) Karle Town Centre; Karle Infra Pvt. Ltd. - Green homes- environmental sustainability becoming a key in home buying and investment decisions. We have been focusing on developing structures that are eco-friendly and use energy-efficient techniques.  The design at Karle Town Centre involves delivering a superior customer experience- by harnessing technology, igniting creativity, and nurturing innovation. Aligning with international standards for sustainability, all the buildings are IGBC Certified. A strong sense of social responsibility lays the foundation for human-centric designs and environment-friendly operations.

2) Suzlon One Earth, Pune
With a capacity to accommodate 2300 people, ‘One Earth’ is another building that has received Platinum certification of LEED. The building is built using low energy materials thus, reducing carbon footprint. 90 percent of the occupied space of the building has access to natural daylight. While the exterior of the building uses renewable energy-based LED street lighting reducing approximately 25 percent of the total power. The ventilation system consists of jet fans that save 50 percent energy by periodically pushing out stale air and bringing in the fresh air.

3) ITC Green Centre, Gurgaon
Spread across a sprawling 1,80,000 sq ft, the ITC Green Centre has set a benchmark for green buildings in India. Located in Sector-32, Gurgaon, the building has been awarded the Platinum Green Building rating by USGBC-LEED (Green Building Council-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), making it the first corporate house in India to bag this award. The building is designed keeping in mind the highest environmental standards. It is made up of bricks and concrete comprising of fly-ash and is equipped with high-efficiency equipment that reduces 53 percent energy consumption over a conventional building and 40 percent potable water requirements.

4) Olympia Tech Park, Chennai
Located in the heart of Chennai (Guindy), the Olympia Tech Park has become one of the biggest and most sought after IT parks in Chennai. The tech park houses MNCs that operates day and night which is why energy-saving features and the eco-friendly environment becomes a necessity. Rated as one of the largest gold LEED rating buildings in the world, the building makes use of energy and water saving techniques (rainwater harvesting) and recycling to attain zero percent discharge. The dual plumbing line of the building which helps in treating greywater is used for flushing or in irrigation.

5) Cisco Building, Bangalore

Cisco’s B-16 office in Bangalore has been awarded the LEED Platinum ID + C (Interior Design and Construction) certification by the USGBC for scoring 96 out of 110 total points. The campus sources more than 70,00,000 Kwh of green power per annum and recycles 100 percent of waste water. It has a high-performance glazing and energy-efficient HVAC design and uses recycled materials and rapidly renewable materials for construction. Ventilation and temperature controls enable occupants (approximately 51 percent) to adjust temperatures according to their preferences

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