PARAM- Exhibition of Supreme Conception and Creativity

Art in its purest form is an expression that cannot be defined with words. It is a confluence of creativity and passion that gives way to divinity. By Traditional Indian thinking, each artwork is made with the expression of ‘Ananda’ which makes it free from the materialistic desire and the physical world. With fifteen years in the market, Divine Art opens its post pandemic ventures with a meaningful collection of contemporary Indian art from the studios of eminent artists as well as those from personal collections. A handsome mix of senior, mid-career and rising artists, the works have been collected with a discerning eye, with the common thread of intricacy and finesse running through each of the included works. “Param”, as the name suggests, is striving to attain the best and the highest, reaching out to the Supreme, the best & the highest. This has been the basis for this collection of works. The Exhibition will feature artists who are influenced by their own idea of ‘Beauty’ and thus, disentangled from the mundane world. It is an exhibition where some artists have pioneered their way through time-tested and experienced appreciation while others impress with their extensive craft of detailing, harmony of designs and vibrant colours.

There are the contemporary Masters, Raza, Krishen Khanna, Haku Shah, F. N. Souza & Sunil Das, to name a few; then there are the newer crop who now enjoy  brand status, and stand shoulder to shoulder with our older Masters, Seema Kohli being one of them. As Art is said to be boundless, with no themes, rules or genres, an effervescent and extensive selection of works that hold a myriad of character and use the sole instinct to go for quality of these artists, will be showcased.

Sumit P Thakur, Director, Divine Art Gallery said “It was not easy to procure these works. In trying to maintain variety, I have included some folk and tribal artists, too, because India has a wide range of this genre. In addition to this, I have tried and included works done in different mediums from pen and ink to oil, acrylic and tribal art in mixed media, to give a wide choice to viewers. With a liking for intricate compositions and vibrant colours, I have made this collection a celebration, for having overcome the pandemic and its aftermath, of art and artists looking up again, with a new appreciation for creative ventures."

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