This Diwali, Gift your loved ones the goodness of Health with House of Veda

While we all are busy prepping for what could easily be the busiest time of our years, here are some thoughtful and health-conscious options that you can consider while gifting your friends, family, colleagues, peers, and neighbours.

House of Veda presents four different products for consumption for everyone, including children, seniors, and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for safe, healthy, and organic solutions to improve their well-being without giving up on their sweet cravings.

The use of good quality soil is a part of the brand's organic management methods like crop rotation, hand-weeding, and covering the crop, to improve the quality of the soil. Their method of management sets them apart from other sugars and sweeteners in the market. The brand also pays close attention to environment-friendly packaging.

House of Veda’s Organic Jaggery Powder is available in three packages – 250gms (INR 175), 500gms (INR 140), and 900gms (INR 250); Organic Jaggery Cubes are available in a 450gms jar (INR 200); Organic Coconut Sugar is available in two packages – 125gms (INR 200) and 150gms (INR 275); Organic Raw Sugar is available in three packages – 250gms (INR 175), 500gms (INR 135) and 900gms (INR 250).

House of Veda products are available on the brand's website (, and on other major e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Tata 1mg.

About House of Veda
House of Veda is honest health and wellness brand that takes pride in bringing innovation through wisdom accumulated over a millennium. Our premium products are curated using authentic, natural, and traditional processes. We are here to uplift your living and build trust thro_ugh unerring standards.

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