Jaipuria Institute of Management, Commemorates Its 18th Convocation Ceremony

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, one of the distinguished management education institutions in the country honoured the future business leaders during its 18th Convocation Ceremony on Sunday, June 16, 2024.


The remarkable event was organised at the institute's campus in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and witnessed the presence of Ms. Charu Kaushal, CEO of Allianz Partners India, who graced the occasion as the chief guest.
Ms. Kaushal's unparalleled expertise and leadership inspired the graduating students to set new benchmarks and drive positive change in their respective organisations and communities as they transition from their academic journey to professional odyssey.
The convocation ceremony followed a meticulously designed program schedule designed to honour the accomplishments of the graduating students and acknowledge the contributions of faculty, staff, and alums to the institute's success. In view of this, the convocation ceremony included the Award of Recognition 2024 to the institutions' faculty, staff and alumni, realising their uncompromising dedication and efforts to bolster a conducive environment for academic excellence.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Mr Sharad Jaipuria, Chairman of Jaipuria Institute of Management. He conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to the graduating students and offered words of motivation for their future endeavours.
As the ceremony progressed, Dr Subhajyoti Ray, Director of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, presented the annual progress report, underlining the institute's achievements and milestones over the past year.
Besides conferring the PGDM Diplomas to graduating students, a key highlight of the event was the awarding of medals and merit certificates to meritorious graduating students, recognising their exceptional academic triumphs and contributions to the institute.
In addition, Mrs Charu Kaushal delivered an insightful and captivating convocation address that delved into the changing business landscape and the role of young leadership in driving the next growth cycle in the era of Industry 4.0.
The convocation ceremony also featured a valedictorian speech by the topper of the graduating batch, who reflected on the experiences during the academic journey at Jaipuria Institute of Management. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, followed by the playing of the National Anthem, signifying unity and pride.

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