Bhutan Echoes Announces Drukyul’s Literature and Arts Festival 2024

In the heart of the Himalayas lies Bhutan, a land celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and flourishing literary and artistic heritage. Leading this cultural renaissance is Drukyul's Literature and Arts Festival (DLAF), an annual celebration that attracts literary and art enthusiasts from around the

globe. The 13th edition of the festival, under the patronage of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Gyalyum Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, is set to unfold from August 3rd to 5th, transforming Thimphu into a vibrant tapestry of storytelling and artistic expression.

Embracing the Theme of “Mindfulness”
Inspired by the profound vision of His Majesty the King of Bhutan, as articulated in the 116th National Day Address in December 2023, DLAF 2024 embraces the transformative theme of "Mindfulness." Steeped in Bhutanese values of compassion, harmony, and self-awareness, this theme serves as the guiding star for the festival’s rich array of programs. Participants will delve into the depths of the human experience, uncovering pathways to inner peace, collective well-being, and profound personal transformation.

A Global Stage for Literary and Artistic Excellence
DLAF proudly stands as the crowning jewel of Bhutan Echoes, a visionary initiative devoted to nurturing literature, culture, and the arts within this serene kingdom. Through meticulously curated events, Bhutan Echoes champions the preservation and celebration of Bhutan's cultural heritage and artistic expression, ensuring that the spirit of creativity continues to thrive in this magical land.

Thought-Provoking Sessions with Celebrated Guests
The festival masterfully weaves together the literary and artistic talents of Bhutan with esteemed voices from around the world. This year’s lineup features:
●    Shashi Tharoor, esteemeed writer and politician
●    Anton Hur, Korean author and translator shortlisted for the 2022 International Booker Prize.
●    Ashwin Sanghi, writer and one of India’s best-selling English fiction authors

Attendees at DLAF 2024 will be immersed in thought-provoking panel discussions, immersive workshops, and captivating book readings, offering a feast of intellectual and artistic delights.
Previous Speakers

The festival has welcomed distinguished speakers such as Ruskin Bond, Pico Iyer, Vikas Swarup, Markus Zusak, Padma Lakshmi, Vikram Seth, Kabir Bedi, Kunzang Choden, and Pawo Choyning Dorji. DLAF highlights Bhutanese culture and fosters dialogue that transcends boundaries, enriching the global literary and artistic community.

Invitation from the Royal Patron
In anticipation of the festival, Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Gyalyum Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, the esteemed Royal Patron of Bhutan Echoes, shares her profound insight: “Embrace the beauty of literature and revel in the essence of life itself, for literature is the very soul that breathes life into our existence. Experience this profound connection as Bhutan Echoes captivates the hearts of readers and enthusiasts alike. Join us from August 3rd to 5th 2024 in Thimphu, where the magic of words will transport you to new realms of imagination.”

A Testament to Bhutan's Commitment to Gross National Happiness
Drukyul's Literature and Arts Festival stands as a testament to Bhutan's profound commitment to Gross National Happiness (GNH), the nation's holistic approach to development and well-being. This ethos permeates every facet of the festival, reflecting Bhutan's unwavering dedication to the happiness and flourishing of its people.

Bhutan Echoes invites you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Drukyul's Literature and Arts Festival. Experience the magic of storytelling amidst Bhutan's breathtaking scenery, and witness firsthand how literature transcends borders, uniting hearts and minds. Whether you are a literary aficionado, an avid traveler, or simply curious to uncover Bhutan’s hidden gems, DLAF 2024 promises an unforgettable journey that will leave you inspired, enlightened, and yearning for more.

Festival Dates: 3rd - 5th August 2024
Festival Address
-Royal University of Bhutan, Convention Auditorium, Thimphu, Bhutan 

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