Vita Age Bimbo Nappy Rash Cream

Bottega Di Lungavita launches Vita Age Bimbo- Nutriprotective Paste Cream for babies and newborns.

A baby’s delicate skin is just one fifth as thick as an adult’s, so it takes very little to breach it – a simple scratch or just the removal of a plaster.

It takes over a year for all the baby’s skin defences to become fully active. It doesn’t yet have active sebum or sweat glands, so it dries out easily and can’t maintain the pH level required to
keep out bacteria.

It also can’t repair the DNA-damage caused by the sun’s rays. Likewise, a baby’s immune system is just as delicate. It can be easily irritated by chemicals, fragrances, dyes and harsh products.

After the baby is born, leaving the warm and lovely environment inside his mother’s womb, it’s hard for the baby to adjust to the outside environment.

Bottega Di Lungavita launches Vita Age Bimbo- Nutriprotective Paste Cream for babies and newborns on Wednesday. Anything from skin-care products to the outdoor elements could cause irritation to a baby’s skin.

A baby’s skin is very delicate and more sensitive to temperature and sun so that it makes it all the more important to maintain a healthy, safe skin-care routine for a child.

The child care routine should include products that should be gentle for the baby’s skin.

Vita Age Bimbo- Nutriprotective Paste Cream, Eudermic dermoprotective water-in-oil cream with zinc, is formulated to protect the delicate skin of babies and newborns.
This product effectively combats the irritating action of urine and faeces that can remain in contact with the skin, even for long periods, particularly when using nappies.

The zinc paste forms an effective barrier against humidity and irritants, and if regularly used helps to prevent skin redness, burning, nappy rash and skin maceration.

Enriched with almonds, chamomile and rice, the Paste can be easily applied by massaging gently on the skin.

It has a soothing and calming effect and is fortified with a hydrating, restorative and Nutriprotective action. The fragrance of the cream is as refreshing for a baby as the cream.

It has a gentle, fresh fragrance with a pleasant and very gentle soothing effect which leaves the baby smelling clean and fresh.

Price:INR 950/-

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