Annectoś offers innovative R&R solutions

India’s own Silicon Valley is home to an increasing number of start ups. While the growing opportunities have helped shore up Bangalore’s reputation as one of the leading employment providing cities, employers have been struggling to retain talent and human resource.

According to recent surveys, Bangalore has one of the highest attrition rates in the country, along with Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai.

For booming companies looking to increase productivity and quality, this trend is particularly not encouraging as it deprives them of trained talent that if retained can make a qualitative difference to the company.

A nascent concept in India, a well structured R & R (Rewards & Recognition) practice can
go long ways in revolutionizing the way employers deal with their workforce.

Annectoś, a young company specialising in the field, is offering the first of its kind end to end solution to employers and companies that desire to systematize the concept of rewarding and recognizing their employees and customizing it to meet their requirements.

The culture of gifting and recognition is not new to the Indian culture. It’s an age old concept followed by the Indian industry as well –  offering gifts to employees on select occasions like Diwali, Holi or New Year. But how many companies understand the long term utility of sufficiently recognising and rewarding their talent pool, and taking this concept beyond the idea of gifts and annual salary hikes?

“The R & R market in India is yet very nascent. R & R in India unfortunately is still oft confused with just gifting. Most companies still follow the culture of gifting or providing their employees with company branded merchandise,” says annectoś CEO Robin Ramakrishna.

“A few of the multinational companies in India have implemented an R & R system modelled on their international or global parameters, but these too are a few and far in between. And these global systems at most times do not have a wide selection of rewards for the employees or channel partners,” adds Sharvani Sachidanand, Head – Brand & Marketing at annectoś.

In 2011, a study published by Gallup said that personalized feedback and recognition are crucial predictors of positive workplace outcomes such as employee retention and productivity.

There is no underestimating the importance of recognizing and optimally rewarding the employees for their contribution to the company.

Annectoś provides a technology platform for running recognition programs. As an employee if you have been picked up by a superior and recognised for performance, this recognition can be broadcast on your profile and shared with the entire organisation – similar to the social media platforms of today.

In addition the beauty of this solution is the choice, convenience and flexibility it gives the employees to pick and choose the gift that comes along with the recognition.

Annectoś enables the R & R programs through a well defined, structured SaaS (Software as a service) based work flow process.

The solution not only makes it quick but also makes the process interactive and engaging to give the company and its employees an interactive and delightful experience.

It brings all the employees of a company sans borders and distance at one single platform and connects them in a unique way.

The program offered by the company has several modules that centralise all recognition, performance and training requirements on the same platform.
Online certificates, opportunity to feature in the hall of fame, badges and trophy displays on the employee profile page, makes it an amazing experience for the employee.

In short, the offerings from Annectoś will completely transform, simplify and modernize the concept of rewarding the employees.

The module offered by Annectoś can change it all with its feature packed and engaging set up.

It is completely customisable to every individual company’s brand and culture and it’s simple implementation and administration makes it very easy to adopt in any corporate setting.

In addition to this the employee experience on the portal is exceptional – built on the lines of social media platforms of today – it’s highly engaging & nurtures a complete team environment.

“As a part of our end to end solutions, we also provide an elaborate multi category rewards catalogue for the employee/channel partner to choose from. This brings in the element of choice into the rewards and is an added benefit. It takes away the pain areas of bulk buying for a category by the admin/HR folks. The employees choose their own awards, thereby bringing in deeper satisfaction. The icing on the cake is the convenience of having the award delivered to your doorstep,” says Robin Ramakrishna.

Common sense backed by extensive research has proved that a happy employee contributes better to the organisation that he or she works for.

The happiness brings forward a sense of belonging. And a sense of belonging is triggered by several factors, of which a robust R & R system figures in the top 3.

Annectoś brings to the table a complete, structured, and comprehensive end to end R & R solutions for the corporate, which very few or almost none of the other players offer. Through their unique solutions annectoś ensures that there is a higher ROI for a company’s spend on R & R programs, and the benefits of social recognition within the company brings in a lot more mileage than that can be measured.

So, are you serious about keeping your employees happy?

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