Change Your Posture Change your life

Correct sitting posture is a simple but very important way to prevent and relieve back pain and keep the back and spine healthy.

Good posture and proper back support are critical to reducing back pain and neck pain.

BackJoy Posture Plus works hand-in-hand with your body to create a continual self-perpetuating system.

It uses your upper body weight to create constant adjustments
in the device to maintain proper support no matter how your body moves.

Constructed of advance core material, complex composite polymers are custom formulated to provide extraordinary flexibility and super-memory.

Originally invented for the aerospace industry, this highly specialized and durable plastic maintains its shape and flexibility under the most extreme pressures. 

With its flexibility it easily allows two or more individuals to easily share one BackJoy hence allowing one to experience comfort and change.

Suitable for all body types and any age group, BackJoy is perfect for those who lead hectic lifestyles with work, travel and daily activities that cause strain and stress to the back.

Those extra hours spent at work and while driving can become less strenuous. The Price range for BackJoy Posture Plus is Rs 3990/-

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