Make learning a fun not a fear during exams

Mahashweta Bhattacharya
Exams be it at entry level, university level or even at school level, generally is a big cause of stress.

The key to performing well in the exams, apart from studying hard, grasping everything and retaining everything, is being able to do SMART STUDY and in a proper manner, so that your efforts translate into performances.

-Follow proper and regular
-Don’t have too much on your plate at time.
-Mix and match your strong and weak subjects.
-Always regularly read your BASIC NCERT TEXTBOOK.
-Try to exercise and meditate.

During exams the aim of a student should be to concentrate on performing to the best of their ability and also concentrating on keeping ourselves healthy.

Do not worry about end results as focus, hard work and discipline always gives a positive and happy ending.

-Mahashweta Bhattacharya
Billabong High International School, Noida

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