Transitory Affects of Saturn and Rahu in Libra

Saturn in transit entered in the Libra rashi on 15th November 2011 and will remain in the same rashi till 02nd November 2014. That is a pretty long period of almost three years as compared to normal transitory period taken by Saturn which in normal course is two and a half year. It is so because in between the transit Saturn goes retrogate also.

Rahu in transit has entered in the same Libra rashi on 23rd December 2012 and will remain in the same rashi till 11th July 2014. That makes a period of almost 18 (eighteen) months.

So from December 2012 onwards Saturn and Rahu in transit
will be in Libra rashi and this combination has taken place after hundreds of years. And as both the planets are top grade malicious planets, we do expect a series of bad news to follow one after another on national as well as on international front and of course on individuals. This position in transit will remain same till second week of July 2014.

This transit of both the planets will have highest effects on the Aries, Taurus, Libra & Pisces ascendants. These individuals will face trouble on health front as well as issues related with the health of partner and relation with partners and partnership, legal issues and danger to the life partners and self if planetary combinations in respective Kundli are also suggesting some weakness. Issue related with finance will also be worrisome. 

This combination will also have some cascading effects as regards the political atmosphere in the country. There could be political uncertainty, changes in the government or change in the equation of power, unexpected death of a big political leader or powerful politician, war or war like situation, a terrorist attack, mass destruction and arsenal.

NOTE: all the above discussed details are based on general principle of Astrology and actual effects discussed as above might depend on planetary position in respective Birth chart of individuals. While all precautions has been taken for the accuracy of complex calculations writer of this document makes no warranties, either expressed or implied.

-Astrologer Rajkishore

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