Collegify brings face to face with College Board

Collegify, an Education Consultancy that works with students who are looking to study abroad comes together for an education seminar with College Board, which talks about the test to be taken by students for high school.

Mr.Clay Hensley, Director of International Relations, College Board, Mr. Rohan Ganeriwala, Co founder of Collegify and Ms.ShivangiSharda, Head of Mentoring, Collegify will be conducting the seminar.

While College Board enlightens the
participants on how to take the SAT subject tests, benefits from Advanced Placements (APs) and tackle specific questions pertaining to the SAT, Collegify addresses admissions and financial aid related queries.

College Board and Collegify looks to guide students who are keen to apply to top academic institutions in their pursuit of undergraduate studies.

Mr. Clay Hensley, Director of International relations, College Board, inspires the students “The college board is eager to support the aspirations of student’s in India. We are confident our university members want to attract morebest fit students from
India and we feel that the SAT, AP and ourcollege planning tools are key resources that would students connect with their dream universities. We are glad to connect with Collegify, an institution that believes in making students dream come true. ”

Mr. Rohan Ganeriwala, Co-Founder, Collegify, says, "This is an opportunity for students to come directly in contact with those that are in-charge of the SAT’s. It’s not just unique but also very relevant to have Clay present with us, given the meteoric rise in the number of students taking the SAT’s year after year”. The workshop talks about developing a revolutionary tool to simplify and organize entire college admission process.

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