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Sonali Choudhary
India is vast and here it’s difficult to connect with everyone. And most of the time, it’s too hard to connect with the important people as there are so many boundaries around them.

We all know India is developing country which can be developed by changing things by the efforts of all. Have one ever wondered that how
can he connect to his parliamentarians to affect our political situation?

It is just that we mainly get in touch with our politicians while voting for them. But now, one can discuss his issues with the decision-maker of our country directly at any point of time.

After all, technology is getting better day by day. We should take advantage of that. But, point is what that technology is?

V-Empower Inc. has designed and developed a mobile application called “mpConnect” which allows Indian citizens to connect and interact with their Member of Parliament.

V-Empower, Inc. is a technology consulting company having its headquarters in Maryland, USA and offshore development centre in Hyderabad. Over a period of last 10 years, V-Empower have developed these applications in the political space for USA & India.

It has built 1st ever application which connected Indian citizens with their elected officials in 2002. Isn’t it very cool and responsible for the youth?

We always talk about making a change in society, but couldn’t do much. Now, we have chance to do so. It may prove better way in the future. “mpConnect” can be downloaded for free on Android and Iphone.

Using mpConnect constituents can call, text and email their member of parliament and have more influence in politics and get their views heard.

MP’s can also engage with constituents by interacting with them, get feedback, views and address their concerns.

The main premise behind developing this app is to increase interaction between citizens and representatives in order to build the dialogue gap in society.

“mpConnect” is useful for every voter, political activist, candidates, supporters, campaign workers, political parties and interest groups. They hope to enhance and add more functionality to this app immediately after the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

It has shown good result in abroad as well as in India in political spectrum as below mentioned:-

*Built 1st ever application which connected US citizens with elected officials in 2000 (

*Built 1st ever voter registration application for County Executive Candidate in 2002.

*Built 1st ever voter registration and absentee ballot application in 2004.

*Built Crime Tracking tool in Prince George’s county in 200(

*Built the only application which allowed Democrats to lobby super delegate ( in 2008.

*Built and allowed citizens to make their own sample ballot ( in 2010.

Now, if youth will use this mobile app which is believed that they will certainly do as they are intelligent and want to participate in the every issue of India either its rape cases, scams, leaders, national and international issues. This app is the perfect political match for their Android

-Sonali Choudhary

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