Vanishing Own Mankind

Look at the flower, how beautiful it is!
Looks gentle soft, cheerful, lovely leafs
Doing two things in a single moment
Delights our sight, refreshes our mind
Appeals to the intellect through heart
I can see ongoing situation while sitting on the roadside chair.
A little boy came, exchange smile with a flower
Nursed, spray the joyous water and pray
Dear God!! Please bless him upto the edge of the boom
Went for the play with promise to visit him daily
All sights makes little smile on my face
Look at the flower, how beautiful it is!

Awh! A Man came and pluck the same flower for his fair
Does he know he is Vanishing a budding thought?
Someone’s emotions, Deep feelings or ransacks the whole
This So-called matured coining turbulent footprints for budding minds
Still flower blushing, giving gently smile trying to delight us a little longer
With bossy heart I still sit, folding my hands doing nothing.
Look at the Flower! How beautiful it is!



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