MUNICH - The All Round City

In Munich, it is the mix makes the message. Old meets new, the past meets present and future, the modern blends harmoniously with the traditional, bits and bytes swirl with beer, business melds with leisure.

For a visitor, there is never a shortage of sights to see, or activities to
engage in.

In And Around Munich
The Bavarian Metropolis lies virtually at the centre of Europe; and is easy to access, either by high-speed trains, by autobahns, or via the international airport. All major sights are within walking distance.

As for the Alps, they are a stone's throw and attract day-trippers all year round; in the warm season (between May and September) for paragliding, hiking, mountain-climbing or mountain-biking, and in the cold season (between November and March) for fun in the snow and ice.

Leisure and Culture
Munich is a city with magical combination of top-notch leisure activities and outstanding cultural offerings. With world-class orchestras, countless concert venues and a host of festivals, the city ensures a constant flow of music of all genres, from classical to rock. The city also has a wide array of museums, notably the three Pinakothek art museums, all within a comfortable stroll.

Must -See Museums
Where the Museum Brandhorst features modern art, science and technology have a worthy home in the Deutsches Museum. It has two annexes: one in Schleissheim to the north of Munich devoted to airplanes, and one at the Theresienhöhe, exhibiting all kinds of land transportation. The latest addition to the main museum is the ZNT, Center for New Technologies.

For an up-close encounter with automobiles present and past, Munich-based BMW automaker has opened the BMW Welt, which complements the company's state-of-the art museum.

A taste of Royalty
Located in the western part of Munich, Nymphenburg Castle is one of the largest royal palaces in Europe and is not to be missed on a sight-seeing tour through the Bavarian capital city.

Shopping Heaven
Last, but not the least, Munich is a shopper’s paradise, with haute couturé, designer outlets, venerable department stores, antique shops and excellent bookstores. Do remember to drop by the Königlich Bayerischen Hoflieferanten, or the Royal Bavarian Suppliers, whose products are of particularly high quality. These range from jewels and tableware, to victuals of all kind.

Don’t leave without tasting…
While on the subject of food, visitors will find establishments offering every type of fare imaginable. But the typical Munich cuisine is generally a morning veal sausage (Weisswurst) with a large pretzel and sweet mustard, or a sturdy portion of knuckle (pork or veal) with a potato dumpling or a spicy Obatzder (a cheese dip) with dark bread.

The best place to enjoy such delights, most Munichers will tell you, is at one of the city's lively beer gardens, the ideal place to meet old friends and make new ones.

Flavours of Munich
Munich, with its air of polished prosperity, is quintessential Germany. The old and the new co-exist here with cherished traditions like Oktoberfest, the world's largest beer festival, rubbing shoulders with designer shopping, sleek cars and high-powered industry.

Indeed Munich today is the flavour of the year. The Bavarian capital on the Isar river has strong roots in the past. Its Baroque and Rococo architecture, lush parks, museums and historic venues such as Schloss Nymphenburg, the summer palace of the rulers of Bavaria, are the favored haunts of tourists and locals alike.

This gracious German city is just an hour's drive from the snow-crusted Alps that frame it so beautifully and lend it an air of enchantment.