Free Workshop For Live Movie By Ummeed Theatre

Ummeed Theatre gives a platform to everyone to showcase their talent of acting, dancing and singing for their “LIVE MOVIE”.  Youngsters having great talent and big dreams but there’s no opportunity. Ummeed Theatre brings that and invites them for workshop.

The Open Auditions for Ummeed Theatre’s ‘Live Movie’ Written & Directed by Dinesh Panwar, will be held on
Sunday, September 14, 2014 from 9.A.M to 4P.M at Community Centre, Shahapurjat, New Delhi. The Audition time slot to all auditioners is limited to maximum fifteen minutes.
Auditioners will be asked to read from the script which will be allotted extempore. The candidates selected for the movie performance will be given the professional training for around two months before the screening of Live Movie.

This is the best chance for all people, even the fresher’s with no prior experience in acting to showcase their talent to the world and get a great experience. Ummeed expect passion and commitment to theatre from every actor and they are looking for that in all age group, 16 yrs to 35 yrs. This live movie is a charity show which will help a good social cause in the society.

The Director of Ummeed Theatre Mr. Dinesh Panwar says “This is an opportunity we are giving to all to come and live and enjoy their dream and to be and actor.” The Live Movie is a romantic movie between a Human and Gennie, and how love wins from every hurdle in life. He further says to fresher’s that “As our name says we give you an ummeed (ray of hope) to try because you always learn something at an audition.”  For more details about audition and any other information you can login to

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