Get A Lasting Festive Glow-- Dr Madhuri Agarwal

Diwali, the festival of lights is known to light up everything around. A lot of time is spent on cleaning and dusting, to prepare and deck homes for the festivities. But the processes are never just limited to our homes. It applies to us as well. Since it is not just a one day event, but a whole series of visiting people and having them visit our place, it becomes all the more important to look good, fresh and glowing all these days. After all, what more effective ways are there to guess one’s health and happiness than
the glow on the face?

This is one buzzing time of the year when people queue up at beauty salons and designer boutiques. Over last few years now, popularity of Cosmetic clinics has too grown manifold as they offer long lasting solutions, which are value for money. The latest craze on the block around this time is for dermal fillers.

For this particular treatment, one does not even need go under the knife, due to which a lot of women feel confident and decisive about getting these customized skin treatments. More and more men and women are coming forward to opt for non surgical aesthetic treatments for fixing problems ranging from frown lines, crow feet, and forehead lines to enhancing facial beauty by getting eyebrow lift and even gummy smile.

These treatments are done using Hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Restylane, Restylane Vital etc. While thicker HA fillers like Restylane are used to bestow volume to facial features, softer fillers like Restylane Vital or ‘Skinboosters’ are used for adding radiance and glow to the skin.

These dermal fillers provide the skin of face, neck and hands, its much-needed hydration by retaining moisture content. Not only do they replenish the depleted coffers of moisture but also, resultantly, make women look younger and more radiant. In addition, they also enhance skin tone by restoring hydro equilibrium and augmenting skin flexibility.

Because of these reasons, such treatments are increasingly attracting more women especially the fact that the effect is long lasting, staying for a period of over one year. They are non-permanent and can be repeated, keeping in mind the age related changes on face for best possible results.

Most women who undergo such treatments are between 35 and 55. While these women generally come for anti-ageing treatments that can fetch their youthfulness back, younger ones too are inclined towards them in a bid to get impeccable appearance to be able to flaunt their perfectly gleaming skin with the help of Restylane Vital Skinboosters.

Other than these anti-ageing treatments, frown lines, crowfeet, forehead lines, eyebrow lift and gummy smile are some other customized treatments that women are interested into. While these treatments are opted by women on unique occasions, Diwali is one festival when popularity of dermal fillers soars among the fairer sex equally. These days, even husbands or male counterparts gift women such treatments, which is change from the conventional gifts.

And when it comes to gifting, dermal filler procedures seem to be the best option compared to the usual trend of gifting dry fruits and sweets during the festival. Gifting a beauty treatment package not just makes one different, but shows the concern towards the other person to whom it is being gifted.

Diwali is the time to add dazzling shine in our lives. Hence if you too want a gleaming festive glow on your skin this Diwali that turns your charm on and matches you up with the diyas, try a jab of filler and see the stunning change in your look. And if you want to break the monotony of gifting, then there is nothing like gifting one dermal filler procedure to your loved one.

- Dr Madhuri Agarwal, Consultant dermatologist,
The Skin Clinic, Mumbai

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