My Fiancee, Me & #IFU**EDUP

​​A Perfect hi powered evening was hosted by Priyanka & Tushar Kumar and Life coach Ramon Llamba to celebrate the unveiling of the book ‘MyFiancee, Me & #IFU**EDUP’.

Aarya Babbar, actor and son of veteran actor and MP Raj Babbar unveiled his debut novel, after signing the book.

The book signing event was attended by
esteemed guests from Delhi  like  Actor Naseer Abdullah, Designer Rakesh, Tarot card reader Neera Sareen, singer Anamika, Artist Sunayana Malhotra, entrepreneur Sonal jindal to name a few.  

The event took place at Oxford book store, CP.

According to Aarya Babbar- “The book is very close to me. I enjoyed writing the book thoroughly. I am overwhelmed with the response I got from Mumbai and I am expecting the same from Delhites”

​About the book
Rushabh Shah, 26, gujarati, an average guy who's done nothing extraordinary in his life besides loving his girlfriend Mahek Chopra, from the past 15 years with complete loyalty n sincerity! He blames GOD for his never-ending confusions and defies HIM by taking a decision-Proposing marriage to Mahek, who happily says YES!

The families are happy, the couple are more than happy but then he meets someone and...As

Fate would have it, Rushabh feels instant connection...!

As God had decided, Rushabh feels instant confusion...!

We all fall in love...
We all try to love truly...
We all #fuckup someday. PS: A warning before hand, this is not a #lovestory this is a #fuckupstory.

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